Photoshop Madness: One Last Time

by Fred Showker

Photoshop Madness, Fred Showker surfs the web in search of good Photoshop stuff

Photoshop Madness for December 22, 2010 So, here's the last Photoshop Madness for 2010 ... it's been a great year, with lots of visits to extraordinary talents, some Photoshop spam sites, some shovelware sites, and lots of goodies to download.

CELEBRATION: We celebrate the huge wealth of talent there is to draw from on the web. You could spend hours and hours just soaking it in -- until you become numb to amazing visions. We celebrate all those who generously share the visions and talents you have ... with the rest of us.

DISAPPOINTMENTS: It's disappointing to discover that the links are going dead at an alarming rate. Easily a third of the good links to tutorials and downloads have now expired, or have been shifted to parked link-farm affiliate sites. Several of the best purveyors of tutorials are now parked revenue link sites. (A frequent ploy of Photoshop profiteers - build a following and then convert to parked, cruise control, revenue only pages.)

It's also disparaging to discover a huge talent to celebrate, but the site gives no names, and no credit to the talent. Why someone would post their work but no credits is beyond me. Many of the shovelware sites publish wonderful works but give no credit or link. They're just ripping off the hard work of others to pad their own pockets. Low lifes. I ALWAYS try to contact the creator of the works, to give them due credit. I ALWAYS try to link to the creator's site, and story, rather than the shovelware site's. If I cannot find you, then I cannot give you due credit.

So, happy new year, and please don't let Photoshop Madness get you down. We'll be back in January with more and more goodies. Until then ... take a ride in Photoshop Madness ...

Beware Photoshop

Fun With Liquify Tool
      We don't normally go in for the "shovelware" sites, but this one is too funny to resist. According to the "Dumage" web site ... "Photoshop is a powerful tool, but sometimes, perhaps too powerful" See what is done to people on these photos! Well, maybe these pictures give you an idea how to make a joke with someone.
CAREFUL the site is full of spam stalker links.

Henrik Newstream is a Dreamer

beautiful wallpaper created by Henrik Newstream
      Actually "Dreamer" is the name of this beautiful wallpaper created by Henrik Newstream. Yet we know very little about Henrik -- another of those Deviant Art artists who give no information and no web site. But something is very strange about this particular piece of art. It seems to far surpass the other items in the portfolio??? Strange.

Can't stand the light

Can't stand the light
      Natascha Roosli is Kyena on DeviantArt. She paints using Photoshop and Corel Painter exclusively and is one of the best detail artists we've seen. Most art like this online utilizes some CG software -- but not here. (See this blow-up/comapre piece in Photoshop) About "Can't Stand the Light" she writes:

Quoting  begins This is a personal piece which is quite dear to me. It's for and about people who think they have to fit in and try to do everything to do so. Even until self sacrifice. Quoting  ends

READ THIS REPORT Full story : Natascha Roosli -

Self portrait photography by Levi Van Veluw

Self portrait photography by Levi Van Veluw
      While not specifically Photoshop, these photos represent some intense creativity and work. Levi van Veluw is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in the Netherlands -- a recent graduate of the ARTEZ institute of the arts, Fine art, Arnhem the Netherlands. Awesome stuff.

Fabian Warnke: Daring images

Fabian Warnke
      Incredible is what we call this 20-year old graphic designer named Fabian Warnke. His online showcase of graphic creations, landscapes, fantastic scenes and wallpapers will give you creative jumpstarts you can't miss!
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Lots more to view

One Last Time

Steven Stahlberg
      Steven Stahlberg exudes talent in each and every vision he creates. There are computer artists, and then the rare artist that can put real emotion and 'humanity' into the art.
      One viewer commented : "This brings tears to my eyes everytime. The emotions in this, priceless. Beautifully done!"
      We couldn't agree more. Steven was born in Australia but raised in Sweden, worked for 10 years as a freelancing illustrator, most of that in Hong Kong, these last 12 years in computer graphics.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Steven Stahlberg -

Searching for good Photoshop images and tutorials amongst all the total madness out on the web Don't let Photoshop Madness get you down!

There are always lots of spectacular Photoshop images and visuals out there! Share them! We'll be back shortly with MORE Photoshop Madness ... and please -- BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU SURF ... but when you do find a great Photoshop practitioner, or a good Photoshop tutorial, please share it with us! If you create Photoshop Tutorials yourself, please post your info here so you can be considered for a Photoshop Fave!

Of course, some of our favorite editions of Photoshop Madness can be found in the legacy Photoshop Tips & Tricks web site!
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And, thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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