Photoshop Madness: Visions

by Fred Showker

Photoshop Madness, Fred Showker surfs the web in search of good Photoshop stuff

this week's Photoshop MadnessIt's a jungle out there... We ran across one site uncovered in the shovelware sites who was offering free vector files. But when I saw some of the comments, I decided not to attempt downloading the files. One commenter wrote:

Quoting  begins It is a SCAM and HOAX and has no business being posted on a site such as this. You should delete all links to They're lowlife scumbags. Quoting  ends

Another writes:

Quoting  begins We own the copyright to most of these tribals. Lots of them showing up on eBay. Everybody is about to meet our lawyers, including this website. Quoting  ends

So I can see that other people are tromping these shovelware sites too. I decided to look for an "About" page. None there. However, I did find the "Copyright infringement" page where the site says "... if you want this material removed, you must provide a written communication ..." So, in effect they openly admit to ripping off the creative works of others, and hiding behind the DMCA.
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Something like an astronomer

      Ravenskar -- or, Viet-My ("Viet-Mee") is a 22-year old Vietnamese, now residing in Australia who calls herself "a Pornographic Connoisseur" ... little else is known other than she does killer illustrations that get posted on hundreds of other web sites, and gathering hundreds of glowing comments. (Her blog is at, but was down when we attempted to get more information.)
      Be sure to kick around in this Deviantart gallery a while, you'll find some other stunning works there as well!
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Mads Berg: Art Deco Revival

Mads Berg: Art Deco Revival
      For a change from the usually overworked, over decorated, photoshop work which has become the norm, take a look at Danish illustrator Mads Berg's awesome art deco flavored posters and illustrations. Be sure to dig down into the archives to discover all kinds of inspiration. (like this one called "Waterpark")
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51 Breathtaking Post-Apocalypse Wallpapers

Breathtaking Post-Apocalypse Wallpapers
      Presida Creative is a creative media blog having posted quite a few "shovelware" pages, but we thought this one offered some real visual boosts. Presida writes:
Humanity has an obsession with its own destruction. From countless religions, myths, legends and doomsday predictions, humanity has always been curious about what the Earth would be like without us. So take a look

Cynthia Pedrosa Fractal Portfolio

Cynthia Pedrosa Fractal Portfolio
      Samples of fractal art ... some pretty impressive items gathered by Cynthia Pedrosa for her z3olyte web site. This amazing art form can create some awesome visuals!

Till Nowak: awesome images

interior of an automobile
      Till Nowak is a digital artist, designer and filmmaker, born in 1980. Since 1999 Till works as a professional computer graphics artist on his own independent projects and as an efficient one-man-production-company for high profile clients. He is based in Hamburg.

Searching for good Photoshop images and tutorials amongst all the total madness out on the web Don't let Photoshop Madness get you down!

There are always lots of spectacular Photoshop images and visuals out there! Share them! We'll be back shortly with MORE Photoshop Madness ... and please -- BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU SURF ... but when you do find a great Photoshop practitioner, or a good Photoshop tutorial, please share it with us! If you create Photoshop Tutorials yourself, please post your info here so you can be considered for a Photoshop Fave!

Of course, some of our favorite editions of Photoshop Madness can be found in the legacy Photoshop Tips & Tricks web site!
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