Photoshop (touch-n-run) Madness

by Fred Showker

Photoshop Madness, Fred Showker surfs the web in search of good Photoshop stuff

PHOTOSHOP MADNESS for August PHOTOSHOP MADNESS is where you practically go mad trying to find the most useful stuff for Photoshop! More good tutorials we've gathered in an attempt to help you actually learn something . . .
* Retouch a Model Portrait with Flawless Natural Skin
* Burning Wishes - Abstract Tutorial
* Forming a Realistic Wooden Beast
* Fantastic Make-up Make-over

Be careful what you click -- beware of malware and phishing sites As always, we remind you -- be careful what you click. This is all good clean stuff for'ya this month, because most is at Flickr. But there are always malware, phishing stalker and predator links abundant in many of the replicated sites these days. Whatch those little popups in the text. Just stay on the tutorial / content paths and you'll be okay.
So, here are yet more links of note...

Forming a Realistic Wooden Beast

Creative inspiration

An idea of this tutorial is to arrange some tree branches image into a draft to form this wooden beast. You can apply the same idea to form different fantastic thing you imagine. All skills are based on photo combination works.
      No author was cited.
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Retouch a Model Portrait with Flawless Natural Skin

Creative inspiration

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make a glamour retouch for a model portrait in Photoshop. You'll learn a new method to create a great look for natural skin without using any extra plugins.
      beware: this tutorial has one of those rude floating "SHARE" bars that follow you along and won't go away. Look for the PRINT version, or ask ... Rajan Asirvatham, Project Director
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Burning Wishes - Abstract Tutorial

Creative inspiration

Simple colorful effect can beautify your image. You can choose your own color to match with your clothes of image. Once you created, you can apply this effect for different images.
      By Andrei Oprinca PSD Box creator - also see a Video walkthrough at . . . . CAUTION careful, this one has lots of spam links.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Andrei Oprinca PSD Box
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Fantastic Make-up Make-over

Creative inspiration

Using simple Photoshop functions, it can greatly transform your image to look like after make-up. Therefore, your skin will be natural and all marks or defect can be completed removed.
      Marta Leth Kaack from Skanderborg, Denmark, see more at : (You can also download the rather large image file
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Leth Kaack from
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The Roxi 3d Text Project

Creative inspiration

Leema01 created this MadPotato inspired project in "around 2 hours using Xara 3d and Photoshop cs3 on Intel iMacwork" ...
      Leema (Matt) is a self-proclaimed "Angelina Jolie Fetishist" from the United Kingdom -- there are some other interesting pieces at the Deviantart site, and also lists this website : ... where you find a "bread" typography piece called "I Love Fred" ?????? Seriously?????
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Searching for good Photoshop images and tutorials amongst all the total madness out on the web Don't let Photoshop Madness get you down!

There are always lots of spectacular Photoshop images and visuals out there! Share them! We'll be back shortly with MORE Photoshop Madness ... and please -- BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU SURF ... but when you do find a great Photoshop practitioner, or a good Photoshop tutorial, please share it with us! If you create Photoshop Tutorials yourself, please post your info here so you can be considered for a Photoshop Fave!

Of course, some of our favorite editions of Photoshop Madness can be found in the legacy Photoshop Tips & Tricks web site!
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And, thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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