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by Fred Showker

photo manipulations in Photoshop that rely on colorAdding color to an image in Photoshop is fairly straight forward. However all of these artists and designers have not only added color, but have manipulated the photos with additional graphics and retouching to transform into spectacular visual imagery. Truly inspirational, these Photoshop photo manipulations are only single examples of work from these extraordinary artists. Visit their sites, and enjoy the tour...

Hu : First Angel

Hu : First Angel

This wonderfully playful art was created by Hu Yi Wei, from Shanghai. Hu is a Graphic, VI Designer, Digital Artist, Feelancer, and a member of International Council of Graphic Design Associations. He's been recognized in major art publications like Computer Arts, and primary shows such as the Almanac of Asia--Pacific Design III in 2007. Here, his addition of color plays a spectacular role in the presentation of an otherwise ordinary photograph! His artwork at is nothing less than spectacular!
Enlarge: waver_first_angel.jpg
Hu : First Angel Hu : First Angel


Dylan Koster: Fanciful Color

Dylan Koster: Space and Time

This photo is brought to life by Dylan Koster -- adding the light bands of reds -- a color that advances on the reader and stimulates the appetite. Dylan is a graphic designer and Photoshop expert from Brakel, Netherlands who's "Pullzar" graphic design studio specializes in the Creative Fields of Graphic Design, Digital Art, Typography
Enlarge: Nebula By Pullzar.jpg ... more at, and
Dylan Koster: Fanciful Color Dylan Koster: at


Krzysztof Olak's Rapid

Krzysztof Olak's Rapid Movement

This is the spectacular work of Krzysztof Olak (aka Xiondzz) begins with an already exciting photo. However, the additions of these shocks of light, and the color splash-off in the background exaggerates the passion and motion in the image until you can actually feel it. Krzysztof is a Freelance Graphic Designer located in Poland.
Krzysztof Olak's Rapid Krzysztof at


Ricardo FX: Hyperspace digital girl

Ricardo FX: Hyperspace digital girl

While this is a heavily modified image -- the viewer is immediately captivated by the swash of light entering the upper right; to bring our eye to a stunning focal point. The rest of the "decoration" is almost unnecessary -- if it weren't so wonderful. We know very littls about RICARDO, but recently ran across his Flickr stream and WOW ... what a lineup! He's from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is really into digital art, illustration, design and ... you may have guessed: girls. The link here takes you to his Deviant Art gallery...
Ricardo FX: Hyperspace digital girl Ricardo FX: Hyperspace digital girl


Tomin Vladimir

Tomin Vladimir: Vision Accomplished

Tomin started with a photo filled with personality and passion, then utilized color and a palette to intentionally reinforce the mood and theme. This is so craftily created it could almost be a monochromatic painting.
      Tomin Vladimir creates wild images -- and then at his web site, produces Flash break-downs so you can see the image being built. Very clever and amazing idea. Born in Russia, Vladimir Tomin is a graphic illustrator and designer who has worked professionally with the likes of MTV Worldwide, Reebok, and Adidas, to name a few. visit
Tomin Vladimir Tomin's portfolio at
Tomin Vladimir Tomin Vladimir


Pete Harrison: Rare visions in motion

Pete Harrison: place, time and motion

This is truly masterful color utilization by graphic designer, Pete Harrison, from the UK. Here the use of greens and yellows evokes a bright, 'happy' feeling of "place" but then utilizes shocks of reds and warm colors to reinforce the stress points! Squint at the piece. You'll see a definite triangle which captivates the viewer's eye -- a little-known, and almost never practiced technique that separates the masters from the ordinary of visual imagery.
      Pete has done work for major clients and even some Photoshop publications -- so chances are you've seen his works before. (Also see: Nikol Experimentation for the fashion industry; Trojan Promo pieces for new trojan products; and Sugar Front cover and tutorial for Advanced Photoshop magazine)
Pete Harrison: Rare visions in motion Pete Harrison: Rare visions in motion


Espen Espelund of XPD

Espen Espelund: of color and focus

This pristine image pushes the viewer into a visually exciting world of light and flesh. The fact that the woman's face is out of focus is a brilliant visual trick to push the art and her arms forward on the reader. Espen Espelund hails from the graphics, webdesign, training industry in Lillehammer, Norway. See his official web site at : , but also lots more at his network site.
Espen Espelund of XPD Espen Espelund of XPD


Enviable Trait by Munk Ymuck

Munk Ymuck: extraordinary decoration

This is the work of Munk Ymuck, of Jakarta, Indonesia. Here's an incredible amount of illustrative work -- the photo could almost be part of the fantasy vision. Again, squint at the full size version -- did your eye go where he wanted it to go? You betcha! There are lots and lots of other wonderful works found at
Enviable Trait by Munk Ymuck Enviable Trait by Munk Ymuck


Heart of a Dragon

Heart of a Dragon

Deep reds, burgundy, browns and a hint of yellow takes this dreamy image into a dark and warm landscape. I suspect this artist was greatly influenced by Boris Vallejo, and his art of creating fantastic people and places. Jeremias Virtanen is a Fashion Designer from Finland, who also happens to have some real photo manipulation and Photoshop skills. I've provided his Deviantart gallery link so you can enjoy all his works ...
Heart of a Dragon Heart of a Dragon


Tuan Nguyen: Collaboration

Tuan Nguyen: Collaboration

Warm to cool -- this image moves you through the whole spectrum -- but the subject, with that wonderful thoughtful look, pulls your eye back. You cannot look away. Tuan Nguyen is an Artist, Art Director, Photographer and Illustrator with a degree in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. He's currently in Texas, you should spend some time in his portfolio site.
Tuan Nguyen: Collaboration Tuan Nguyen: Collaboration

Color is life ... life is color

When preparing to produce a visual work, always remember how color can affect the whole visual window of approach. That first visual gulp is probably first, most affected by light and dark -- contrast -- but as important, secondly by color. All this in a millisecond before the eye-to-brain finally makes the connection for understanding the context of the visual. Always remember:
important point Warm color: reds, browns, oranges - advance on the reader
important point Cool colors: blues, greens - recede from the reader
important point Bright primary color: yellow, true greens, cobalt blues - evoke "fresh" and "clean
important point Heathertones : browns, tans, ochre - evoke warm, comfortable and "EARTH"

Use them wisely and your viewers' experience will be greatly improved, and the message of your presentation will leave a lasting memory.

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Fred Showker

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