Photoshop Christmas Tag

by Ainsley Bevis

holiday tag designed and created using Adobe PhotoshopAinsley Bevis Special thanks to Ainsley Bevis from for sending in this great Adobe Illustrator tutorial! She covers a number of good techniques good for beginner to intermediate Illustrator users, and some of the tricks are sheer genious!
Ainsley writes . . .

Learn how to create a present Name Tag a christmas theme in Photoshop!

1. Generate the file for the basic tag

Create a new doucment that's 290×500 px.
Go to View > Ruler (or ctrl +r) and drag lines out like below.

Get the pen tool, hold down the shift key and make the tag shape like below.

Go into Blending Options on the layer and make an Overlay Gradient with the following colors. (Click here for an enlarged diagram)

Set up the layout and shape for your holiday tag

2. Use Layers to create the border

(1) Hold down ctrl/click on the box on the shape in the Layers Palette to highlight it. (See racing ants selection marquee around the shape.)

(2) Go to select>Modify and contract by 8px. With the shape still highlighted create a new layer and fill it with white.
(3) Contract the new shape again by 6 pixles and (4) press delete so only a white frame is left.

Create the border by condensing selections

NEXT: we'll use shapes and pen tool to create our happy snow man ...

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