The remarkable world of patterns

by Fred Showker

spectacular repeating shapes, images and patterns of Artlandia

Pattern Design, unlike any other form of design

Artlandia SymmetryShop Adobe Photoshop plug-inDesigning patterns is difficult because of the intricate demand to detail, and the level of skill required to visualize how the finished pattern will evolve. Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator have attempted to simplify the process, but haven't really hit the solution that satisfies. Enter Artlandia.

The latest version 3 of SymmetryShop, an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for professional pattern design markedly simplifies the pattern design workflow by making the plug-in functionality available as a floating Photoshop panel. So we thought we would look around and see how this technology is being put to work by world-class talents using this plug-in. Wow -- here are three "Designing Women" who take their patterns, and SymmetryShop very seriously!

Karen Miller Anderson extraordinary patterns

Dr. Karen Miller Anderson from Smithfield, NC is an artist and photographer, and one of her passions seems to be creating the most extraordinary patterns, iterations and imagery based on the geometry of nature and recurrent themes. Our header above testifies to some of her awesome art. Check out her site,, but most importantly her
Flickr Photostream of Patterns

Geometric patterns generated by Artlandia

SymmetryShop automatically creates the seventeen mathematical types of symmetric patterns as well as drop and diamond patterns, grids, gradations, sateens, and other standard repeat systems. The plug-in keeps the image source available for unlimited iterations and refinements throughout any number of Photoshop sessions. The new version makes this core functionality more easily accessible and adds new important features.

Alice Schlein,  designing print fabrics, wallpaper, woven or knit jacquards, etc

Alice Schlein, a self-taught weaver for the past 40 years, exhibited artist, teacher, contributing editor of Weavers magazine and co-author of The Woven Pixel -- Designing for Jacquard and Dobby Looms Using Photoshop. She writes:

quoting (SymmetryShop) It's very useful for creating repeat patterns, whether you are designing print fabrics, wallpaper, woven or knit jacquards, etc. (Its sister product, named SymmetryWorks, works with vector-based files rather than pixel-based files, and is to be used with Adobe Illustrator). end quote

See: Alice Schlein's Online blog

Robin Wood makes patterns for clothing and fabrics What a doll!

Robin Wood made all the fabrics for these wonderful dolls using Artlandia's SymmetryShop. At her blog, she writes:

quoting The more I use that plug-in, the more I like it. I had a ball making these, especially the Red Kaleidoscope one. In fact, I probably have something like 40 patterns based on the "seed" for that one now. (I haven't counted.) It's like using a real Kaleidoscope. Every time you tweak something, another beautiful pattern emerges, and I find that I want to save them all! end quote
wonderful dolls using Artlandia's SymmetryShop Check it out at :

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