Scribbles: Draw outside the lines!

by Staff

ScribblesIncredibly easy to use - Scribbles is a drawing tool for everyone. Whether you want to sketch a cartoon, draw a birthday card or jot down some design ideas, Scribbles can help bring your imagination to life.

Infinite canvas -- Draw outside the lines! With Scribbles, you don't have to pre-define the size of your canvas. Pan around forever, zoom in to the smallest detail, resize your window - Scribbles will re-render your entire drawing from raw vector data.


Power and beauty - A stroke-rendering engine designed from the ground up for quality and scalability. With Scribbles you can zoom, pan, and re-size your art without ever seeing a jagged pixel. You can also export your art at up to 16x resolution.

Scribbles comes with 11 other Mac apps in this bundle:

  • ImageFramer
  • Crossover Games
  • DVDRemaster Pro.
  • SuperFlexible File Synchronizer
  • Neutrino
  • EasyPrint
  • Speed Download
  • Entourage Email Archive X
  • Money
  • Mac DVDRipper Pro
  • Narrator

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scribbles Scribbles
Download Scribbles:

atebits was founded in 2007 by Loren Brichter. Creators of Scribbles, a simple yet powerful sketching program for Mac, and Tweetie, one of the most popular Twitter clients for Mac and iPhone. - Berkeley, California - Published September 2009

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