Russian Paintings

by Fred Showker

One might see these works of art -- when compared to their photographic counterparts -- and assume these are Photoshop or Painter work-overs. And, they very well may be. These days, there is a proliferation of artists entering the market who specialize in converting photos to paintings or art. But these are quite different. They're painted from scratch using oil on canvas.

portrait of a young girl

Arthur Brahinskiy

This portrait of a young girl by Arthur Brahinskiy, reveals the artist's deep study and influence from the works of the Dutch Masters* and painters like Claude Lorraine*, and Sandro Botticelli*. He takes rather ordinary starting images and transforms them into classic works of art.

Study his classic use of color in concert with light and shadow. Also note his pure insight into time and place -- setting the portrait in a place that reinforces the mood, emotions and texture of the subject.

girl on a rock painting compared to the original photograph

This portrait shows how Brahinskiy makes all the right decisions about what details to eliminate, which ones to exaggerate, and how to add warmth to flesh tones. Note the original photograph he worked from, and the finished painting. Here, you'll note the flowers have been brought forward and emphasized -- yet much of the detail has been omitted. The handling of fine detail, the hands, the feet, jewelery and that lovely flowing fabric of the blouse makes this almost photographic. Such detail lets the viewer believe that this is a real, living young woman.

Arthur has a fascination with the human body. While his extensive portfolio is primarily nudes and portraiture, he easily handles spectacular landscapes in the tradition of the romanesque masters. This "Landscape" reflects handling of light, shadow, color and texture in exquisite harmony.

In this before and after, we see those values from the landscape above, reflected in play -- yet once again Arthur has taken great liberties in those decisions of what to modify from reality and which to keep. Again, note the use of light sources and the transparency as light bathes the scene in warmth. These elements along with the way he weaves the hair into the dream-like background makes these paintings masterly.

Russian writes:

QUOTE We are pleased to present the artist whose works require very profound analysis. Without any doubt his pieces of art belong to the new way of thinking in painting. We can easily observe how various his pictures are.
      The first trend he's practicing is the landscape that resembles very much the pictures of the old masters. Two elements are intermingled there: mystical appeal of these works and clearly expressed aspiration to perform in the way proposed by ancient schools and masters. Only the greatest artists of the ancient times could keep this natural balance of power. Looking at these vivid colors, presented forms and clear lines of the masterpieces created in the happiest times we feel the spirit of the Renaissance settling in our minds.END QUOTE

Arthur Brahinskiy was born in 1965, and graduated from the art school in 1982. His exibitions have been seen all over western Europe. While browsing his gallery, pay close attention to light sources, texture and the subtle ways he adds a touch of fantasy to an otherwise realistic depiction of the subjects.

Gallery: Arthur Brahinskiy at

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Fred Showker

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On January 25th, ArniWebDesign said:

nice art work

On February 8th, Anonymous said:

Unfortunately he needs to learn perspective. Though his technique is good he is obviously working from projected images.

The sitting girl has been placed incorrectly with respect to the background buildings. The horizon line should pass through her eyes as the original camera was at her eye level. Given there is no grade her eyes should pass though the lower floor of the building, not the 3rd story- This makes her a giant.

Sorry, but he has a lot to learn. How to draw without a projector and basic perspective.

On April 10th, zavrab said:

thanks, this is very intresting collection

On April 26th, kinozalov said:

Very beautiful jobs, I am in delight!

On April 26th, Roman said:

Really beautiful photos...
I'm impressed.

On May 7th, Jane Ann Kiasa (painting collector) said:

Paintings are one of those masterpiece that highly appriciated. I love watching it and then until you notice that you see something object form, specially those eyecapturing paintings.

On May 30th, Ladka said:

excellent photos, thanks