Adding Frames and Borders in Photoshop

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Option 2: Expand area of the underlying canvas (overlay the image above the background you like)

Step-by-step summary

  1. Select your preferred border color as the "background" color
  2. Expand the area of the canvas by a desired amount (crop, if necessary, to your liking)

Setting border color as the background color

Setting background and foreground colors As you mind have noticed, this approach to creating borders is only three steps. It is the easiest way to add a monotone border to your image ifyou do not need or want to make any changes to the composition of your image and if it is already framed or cropped to your liking.

The first step here is to set the background color to the color of your choice. The "background" color is represented by the "background' color square in the tools window. Just doublick on it (when you hover over it, a "set background color" notice may appear) and choose whatever color you like. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will make the background color light green (as I want my border to be white).

Setting canvas size Expanding the canvas area and cropping

The next step is to expand the canvas that is underlying our image. To do that, go to Image --> Canvas size, a window will pop up that will allow you to set the desired size of your border. Pay attention to the unit of measurement (in my cases, it is inche). The numbers that you will see in the "canvas size" window represent current dimensions of this image.

Say, I want to add a 1/4 inch border to my image. I will just add 0.25 to the existing numbers: so, for width, I will enter 1.495(1.245+-.25) and for height I will enter 1.138 (0.888+0.25). Feel free to experiment with the "canvas size" option (for example, you can only change the width size, in which case you will only add borders on the sides of the image, or you can add a small border on top and on the bottom of the image, and add a wider border on the sides).

daisy green border Hit okay once you are happy with your selection.

You are done! Save your file with a new name (so as not to overwrite the original). If you want to crop the image, use the "crop" tool in the tools window, or, for more detailed instructions check out "step 1" in "option 1" of this tutorial.

Well, here's what I got: picture of Daisy with a light green border, not too bad at all.


Special thanks to Olga Bogatyrenko for sending in this Photoshop tutorial How to add borders to images. Olga operates Chasing Moments web site at

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