Adobe Illustrator tutorial : Briefcase

by Kahlil Gibran

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Step 9


With the Pen Tool draw a small black shape in the upper right corner and press U to pick the Mesh Tool and single click in the middle of the shape to make a color point. Select that center point with the Direct Selection Tool (key A) and color it with white. Set the transparency of that shape to Screen so that blacks become transparent and whites convert into a shine.

Step 10


Prepare a contour line for the division of the briefcase by using a copy of the side shape (steps 4 and 3), make it black as in fig. A and duplicate it, apply Object – Expand -- Expand Lines to convert the lines into shapes and fill them with linear black and white gradient like in fig. B and set the opacity to Screen as in step 9.

Step 11


Make another set of shine lines (as in step 10, part B) for the front edges of the briefcase.

Step 12


Now use a copy of the shape from step 2 to apply a mesh gradient as in step 9. Note how many points you should click and which ones are white. Set the transparency to Screen.

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