Create a Gift-wrapped box icon in Illustrator

by Ainsley Bevis

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draw the bow shape using the pen tool

11. Drawing the Bows : Elsewhere on the canvas draw the "Bow" shape (above, left) using the Pen Tool (you can use any colour). With the Fill to none and the stroke to 1 pt (again any colour) draw a curve shape on the previous shape. (above, right)

subdivide the shape using the pathfinder tool

With the 2 shapes selected click on the Divide button in Pathfinder. This will divide the main shape. (NOTE: the dividing path must meet or slightly exceed the shape path you plan to divide, or the pathfinder won't work. This is a common mistake, and people often ask why the Divide didn't work.)

apply the gradient to each section of the bow

12. Decorate with Gradients : Select each part and put in a Gradient.

13. Duplicate : Create another loop section of the bow using the previous method.

14. Draw the Knot : Using the Ellipse Tool draw the knot using the Ellipse Tool and put in a Radial Gradient.

duplicate and create the knot -- then apply gradients

15. Expanding the Bow : Select the 2 ribbons sections and drag out while holding down the ALT Key to duplicate. With the duplicated shapes selected go to
Object > Transform > Reflect.

duplicate and reflect to create the other side

16. Send Behind : With the 2 duplicated shapes selected Right Click > Arrange > Send to Back and place it underneath the knot.

Place the Bow on the box and see how it looks.

put the bow on the box

NEXT: we'll adjust our bows and then finish the boxes in color ...

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