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Magazine layout tutorial for Photoshop Magazine coverYou have already walked through the tutorial on isolating an image -- now we use that technique in order to create a magazine cover.

It's so easy to create a magazine cover with Adobe Photoshop that anyone can understand the process from the screenshots alone, without any explanations. Allthough it's quite simple and straight forward. We've already isolated an image of this young lady from the background.

Now let's try to create a cover for a photography related magazine.

First of all create a new document and fill the background with a gradient, like this one

On top of this bring an isolated image, such as the lady from my example here and add a drop shadow

add a drop shadow
( See an enlargement of the drop shadow dialog above, or an enlargement of the finished drop shadow.)

Below this layer, insert a new image with something related to the magazine topic (or anything you may think interesting) and make sure the edges fade out into the background:

adding objects and finishing

Between these 2 layers add some text to fit your cover and that's all there is to it. See the finished cover.

Special thanks to Udrea Mihai for sending in this Photoshop tutorial! See much more of Udrea's work and tutorials at : www.myphotoshoptutorial.com

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