Illustrating with Soft Pastel

by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

Painter WOW Book

BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR In this excerpt from the book, we'll meet back up with Pamela Wells and explore her techniques for soft pastel work. We'll * shoot photos; * build a rough composite in Photoshop to use for reference; * paint with Pastels in Painter.

PAMELA WELLS USED PHOTOSHOP AND PAINTER to create Sun, which is a member in her series of works inspired by Tarot cards, saying : "The Sun card represents happiness, contentment and joyful living."


blended pastel She built a composite to use for reference, and then working in Painter, she created a colorful illustration that has the look of blended pastel.

1 Shooting photos. Wells set up her model, the flowers and other elements using a white background; then, she photographed them with a digital camera.

2 Building a composite. To begin the illustration, Wells built a composite that included several elements. She made masks for the images in Photoshop using the Lasso tool, and then she dragged and dropped the elements into a composite file.

Wells could have brought a layered Photoshop file into Painter with layers, but she wanted a flat document with all of the elements merged together.

NEXT STEP: Tracing, sketching and coloring

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