Illustrator Drawing: Art tools

by Ainsley Bevis

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triangle Creating the Triangle Ruler

1. Start the triangle file: Create a new document that's 600 X 500. Draw 2 trangle shapes with the color #eacb8b and #FFFFFF.

2. Create the hole: Select both of the shapes, go to Pathfinder and select the Minus Front icon. Next using the color #7b5629 draw this shape with the pen tool.

3. Wood Texture: Using the pen tool and color #cea05d create some wooden textures. (See example)

4. Ruler Markings: With the line tool and color #15120d draw these lines. (below left)

5. Copy and paste the lines to go further up the ruler. (below right)

Ruler Markings

6. Numbering: Using the Arial font, and the color #15120d write the numbers individually and select them with the selection tool to rotate and move them to the right position. (See example, and the final results for the Triangle Ruler)

Final Result

Final Result

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