Illustrator, Photoshop Easter Collage

by Ainsley Bevis

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Easter Egg Background Guide

14. Drag all the easter shapes off the canvas, duplicate the plain easter egg, drag it onto the canvas and enlarge. Right click the egg shape Arrange > Send to Back. On the layer window, click on the little arrow to bring up all of the layers. Scroll down to the large egg layer and lock the layer.

Photoshop tutorial

15. Drag back the Easter shapes to the canvas again, while holding down the Shift Key, click on all the blue shape, double click on the fill color and make it white.

Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop tutorial 16. Here comes the time consuming part. Drag the shapes off the canvas again (into the grey area so it’s easy to see them). Select each shape and place it on the egg, duplicate the shape many times and experiment with the size and rotation. Do this for each Easter shape.

Optional Steps

17. Click on the arrow to see all the layers again, scroll down to the Egg Background and remove the layer from view & save the document.

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