Photoshop Pen Tool Drawing Savvy

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Step 4: Mouth

For the mouth we’ll start with an arrow.

Draw the arrow and flip it horizontally ( Edit > Transform > Flip horizontally ).

Use the convert point tool. Click at the point at tip of the arrow and move the mouse up while clicking. This will convert the corner to a curve (See this animation).

modify by using direct select and drag hollow handles

Use the direct select tool , select the four points by drawing a rectangular around them and move them to the left. (See this animation)

Delete the top right point right click > Delete Anchor point.

deleting the anchors

bending shapes into smiles Move the remaining right point up. Delete the point shown above in the image (Right click > Delete anchor point). I decided later to move the point on the middle of the arch to the left.

Change the color to #7b8989. Duplicate the layer (Ctrl/Command+j).

Flip the new layer (Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontally). Keep one on the left side and move the other to the right.

You will need to rotate each shape to fit (Ctrl/Command+t).

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