Photoshop: Surreal Landscapes, Part 1

by Fred Showker

Dan Moughamian begins a new series showing how to create a unique landscape scene by blending or compositing multiple stock photos.
This free chapter is from Photoshop CS4, Volume 2: Visual QuickStart Guide by Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas

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On January 20th, Graphic Design Melbourne said:

Great tutorial thank you Fred.
I have picked up a few 'short cuts' :)
Will now move on to part two.

On September 4th, Constantine said:

This is actually a great technique. Creating landscapes with photoshop can be very challenging and only a few of the people who i have come across can do a good job. Moughamian is one of the few.

On June 22nd, Immobilien Regensburg said:

Thank you for this tutorial. I've learned a lot.