Photoshop Tutorial: Create rusted metal text

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We're getting there. Now let's apply some heavy rust!
We'll use the same technique as in Step 3. Place a rusty texture on top of your '3D text layer' and hit [Cmd+J] to cut it out of the texture.


Rusty Text 9

Rusty Text 10

Afterwards set the blending mode of the 'heavy rust layer' to Multiply for an awesome effect.

Rusty Text 11

Step 8.

Wow! That looks amazing!
Select the Eraser tool (E) and select a brush that fits you with a hardness of 0% and set the Flow to 5-20%.

Now erase the parts you don't want to have in your rusty text. Especially the parts were we put the cracks on.

Rusty Text 12

Step 9.

Finishing touches is what's it's all about!
In the finishing touches you can just play around and let your fantasy do the work.
I've applied some rusty pins in my text for the extra feeling and set made everything a bit more gray.

Final Version Rusty Text
Click for enlargement

I hope this Tutorial was usefull for you.
Comments with feedback or results are always welcome!

Thank you Auke.
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And, thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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