Photoshop Tutorial : misunderstood emboss and contour now made easy!

by Wu Hui

Free Photoshop Tutorial on Embossing Here's another notable tutorial by Wu Hui (Winbluegod) from Beijing of This full Photoshop tutorial will make it easier for you to understand the significant effects of Bevel Emboss and Contour.

First, let’s see an example


The major difference between the two examples below is in contour, and the contours in the bevel embosses can not be omitted to the tool itself. All contours in the PSD must be treated one by one because they vary in function and effect.


(Click on this image above to open their dialog boxes)

To make it easy to understand, let’s see the contour in the following picture.


The height expressed by the linear here is the height defined by the contour. Where there is any sawtooth, select "Anti-aliased".


The type of a contour directly decides the stereo structure of the graphic.

Do you find that the contours are similar to the cross sections of the above graphics? You are right, they are examples of contours we talk about here.

NEXT: we see the settings of the bevel and emboss

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