Photoshop Vintage Compass Icon

by Ainsley Bevis

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Continuing from the last page, we'll now add the essential elements to finish up our compass...

9. Create the hash-mark ring - Click on the Ellipse Tool & set it to Paths (circled below) & draw a circle (while holding down the shift key). Select the text tool and click on the circle path, using the '|' sign repeat it  around the circle path. (Enlarge)

create contour rings with a new shape, stroked

10. More Bands - On the Ellipse Shape go back into Shape Layers Mode. Draw 2 white circles (like below) and set the Blending Mode to Multiply. Double click into Blending Options and put in a Stroke.

11. Insert Compass works - Get this Compass Click Art   and place it on the canvas. To make it smaller press CTRL+T and drag a corner down while holding down the Shift Key. Set the Blending Mode to Multiply so the white background disappears.

set the compass, then create the hands for the compass

12. Create the Compass Hands - Press CTRL+' to bring up the Grid. Elsewhere on the canvas, using the Pen Tool draw 2 parts of the arrow like below using the grid as a guide. Holding down the CTRL Key select the 2 arrow layers and drag to the new layer icon to duplicate. With the duplicated arrow layers selected go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Place the duplicated arrow on the right side and change the colours as indicated above, right.

  Put the arrows, created above, on the center of the Compass as in below, left

Create the Center Hub Cap

13. Create the Center Hub Cap - Using the Ellipse Tool draw a small circle and place in the centre of the arrow. Double click into Blending Options and put in the Gradient Overlay below. (Above, right)

14. Optional Drop Shadow - For the drop down shadow create a new layer and draw an oval shape using the Elliptical Marquee Tool and fill it dark grey. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and make it 9.8. (Drop Shadow diagram)

CLICK TO ENLARGE THE FINAL IMAGE 15. Optional Map Background: You can get this Antique Map from SXC and paste it on the background of the compass. Rotate the map by pressing CTRL+T and rotate an edge. Set the Opacity to 30%.

CLICK THE IMAGE to the right - your final results should look something like this.


Ainsley Bevis Special Thanks to Ainsley Bevis for sending in this tutorial. Be sure to visit Ainsley at
      Ainsley is a passionate, and mostly self taught, Web and Graphic Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. As well as designing websites and graphic material for her clients she also enjoys playing guitar, piano, walking her dogs and cooking vegetarian food!

thanks for reading!

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