Simulating Photoshop 3D Text Tutorial

by Guest Writer

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STEP 2 – Making the text look 3D

With the text layer selected, make sure the move tool on the toolbar is clicked (the arrow with a cross - tap 'V').

Now holding down the ALT key (the Option key on the Mac), click on the keyboard's up arrow many times. Each time you do so, a duplicate layer of the text will be made, and placed 1 pixel higher above the older one. This way, we'll construct the 3D look of the text. Do so as many times as you want. Around 30 times would be a good choice.

Making the text look 3D

Now we have multiple layers, layer 30 being the last and topmost. Select layer 29, and while holding down the Shift key, click on the first copy of the text layer. This will select all the layers between the two.

Now right click on any of these selected layers and select Merge Layers. This will combine all these layers into one, that is the body of the 3D text.

So now we have 3 layers, The topmost will be the "face" of the 3D text, the middle one will be its body and the bottom one will be it's shadow.


NEXT, we'll begin giving our 3D Text color styling

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