Tutorial: Using Adobe Photoshop to Draw a Paint Brush

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Use Photoshop's filters for the metalic steel ferrule

Now we're going to draw steel cover on the handle, select Pen Tool (P key) and make a shape by anchor points then apply gradient color by following this path (Layer menu > Layer style > Gradient Overlay). a window come on the screen, clicks on the gradient and apply different color by new sliders as done below.

Make Steel with Photoshop Gradients

The steel color is completed.

Make Steel with Photoshop Gradients Now, make ribs and details on the metal "ferrule" of the paint brush.

Select Line Tool (U key) and draw line on the steel cover but make sure the line should not be out of cover.

Apply bevel on the line by following this path (Layer menu > Layer style > Bevel and Emboss) and apply all these settings as done in the below picture

Still selected line layer make two more duplicate line and set on the different position then draw three dot by the Ellipse Tool (U key) as below.

Steel ferrule made with Photoshop Gradients Colorize the bristles part of the brush

First set the foreground and background color, Select Pen Tool (P key) and draw any shape with "#c2b3a0" color as you want to brush in the size. Now apply Fiber filter by go to Filter menu > Render > Fiber and make adjustment.

Now apply Levels to make brush color dark and effective, follow this path (Image menu > Adjustment > Levels) and put values as done below.

Apply background and get final result.

Steel ferrule made with Photoshop Gradients

  Santosh Kashyap from  tutorialbunch.com

Thanks to Santosh Kashyap from www.tutorialbunch.com for sending this in! All rights reserved by Santosh kumar

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