4 dotted line drawing methods in Photoshop

by Guest Writer

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The third method: Use dual brush; especially for the brush tool.

second method of dotted lines Step 1, Press F5 to open the brush plate and set values as shown in this graphic.
(Graphic will open in a separate window. Requires pop-up windows to be enabled.)

Step 2, Set "Dual Brush" as shown at right.

This is the drawing effect as shown in the following graphic.

set Photoshop brush to dual brush

Step 3, To understand the above parameters straightforwardly, I have drawn a diagram here.

creating a dotted line with Photoshop brushes

PS: this method is flexible and easy to take control. It can also be used in stroke. When the dual brush is set, the line can also be stored as "Brush Presets" to facilitate using in future.

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this method is most straightforward and easiest to understand.

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