4 dotted line drawing methods in Photoshop

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The fourth method uses Photoshop CS6drawing dotted lines in CS6

This method is most straightforward and easiest to understand.

Step 1, Use the shape tool or the pen tool to draw a frame.

Step 2, Select the frame, set the "Fill" as null
Set the "Stroke" as white and
set the stroke width as 1px, as shown in the graphic:

drawing dotted lines in CS6

Step 3, The key step; click "Stroke Options", select dotted line pattern and click "More Options" to get options of the stroke; input values of the dotted line and the clearance.

drawing dotted lines in CS6

results of dotted lines in CS6 Step 4, Finally, draw the effect drawing as shown in the following graphic.

PS: to get richer patterns, please continue to set other values of the dotted line and the clearance.
You can also draw lines through drawing non-closed shapes.

Bottom Line:

Every method has its advantages and disadvantages.
You should select according to designing requirements.

Thank you for reading.

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