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Fonts Fest


WIN some of our valuable prizes by sharing with DT&G readers...

share your favorite fonts, type, typography, or font related discoveries with DTG readers ...
and win!

  • Your favorite SHAREWARE FONTS web site
  • Your favorite Type Effect in Photoshop
  • Typography lessons you DID NOT learn in school
  • Where to find the BEST FREE FONTS
  • Difficult type projects
  • Designing with type... who, what, where, (Why?)
  • Type or Fonts that SUCK (Why?)

Share anything Type & Typography

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This Month's Prizes

Fred, this month contestants get to select from a collection of great prizes including

  • A selection from the Turbo Photo Stock Photography CD Collection
  • Current selections from Sybex Books
  • Current selections from Peachpit Books
  • A 20 x 23 YUM Collectors Poster, the poster that launched the Apple iMac, donated by Apple Computer User Group Department ($50 value!);
  • Of course all prizes are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there are absolutely no shipping or handling costs involved... our gift to the winners for their participation in the Design & Publishing Center! Back to you, Fred.
Thank you!

Instructions and Tips:

  1. Make sure your email and location are correct. We cannot notify you of prize winnings without an accurate email address.
  2. Prize winners will be selected based on the comments you share in the comments field above.
  3. For an appropriate prize you'll like, be sure to include your computer platform and your favorite software or computer activity after your comments above.
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