DTG News for August, 2011

It's back to School time ... DESIGN SCHOOL that is! -- This month's topic is all about learning! And, as usual our readers have all joined in with some rather wonderful insights into the way they learn, favorite training resources, and keeping a sharply honed edge on graphic design and communication arts. August 1, 2011

DTG News for July, 2011

Welcome to JULY [] Design Graduates of 2011 [] Photoshop Pen Tool Drawing Savvy [] Tutorial: Retouching skin in Photoshop [] Photoshop Madness: help those photos [] Feature: Allen Babbitt: Un-still Photography [] Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques [] Apps: Ancient Calligraphers on iPad [] Marketing Updates during June: [] Web Design Updates from June [] Media Updates from June: [] Will E-Books Become the Next Napster? [] High Performance Database Management [] AMAZING video about stolen Mac [] &Else - news, views, reviews, and else... [] Mailbag: Awesome video [] Mailbag: Letterpress is Like Violin Playing [] JULY: take photos, go places July 1, 2011

DTG News for June, 2011

01 Welcome JUNE * 02 CONGRATULATIONS DESIGN GRADUATES * 03 Design Graduates to share your experiences * 04 CHICAGO DESIGN WEEK * 05 Illustrator tutorial: combination lock * 06 Time to Consider Rebranding? * 07 June Brides meet Photoshop * 08 Life expectancy of a Photoshop site: * 09 Button Making Using Photoshop * 10 Creative Tidbits : Type, Art Nouveau * 11 Beware bogus offers for Adobe products * 12 Photoshop Noise Reduction * 13 Photoshop Forums : The Emergency Room * 14 PopChar shows your fonts right * 15 Review a web site: help them suck less * 16 &Else News, Views and Reviews * 17 Mailbag : The Day You Were Born * 18 Mailbag : Photoshop and ImageReady * 19 Mailbag : Sad note of regrets * 20 JUNE : surf, take photos, design cool stuff June 1, 2011

DTG News for May, 2011

This month's DTG features [] Color me happy: emotions behind your design [] Photoshopping in the Rain [] Photoshop (actions) Madness [] color from the experts [] APPS: Do you have an iPad? [] COLOR Apps for Graphic Designers [] Social Technologies [] Creative Tidbits: Art is where you find it [] Business Apps [] Marketing Updates [] Media Marking tips [] Design Graduation ... and more ... May 1, 2011

DTG News for April 2011

April is all about the 2nd month of Designing Women, and introducing spring COLOR ... * Designing Women: Jane Conner-ziser * Vivid Color in Photoshop (tutorial) * Own a Color * COLOR! New era, new tools * Creative: Design inspiration for April COLOR * Business : Design in Metal for extra profits * Color: from the experts * Color : Honeysuckle design * YOLO 2011 Color Predictions * Final Cut Final Print * U&lc is back! * INTERVIEW: Ryan Michael Kelly * Will graphic designer's evolve design? * Web: news, views and reviews for Web-Designers * News, views and reviews for publishers 18 April COLOR: refreshing, reawakening . April 1, 2011

DTG February 2011

Love Design Month * Photoshop Madness for Lovers * Photoshop (Valentine) Madness * Photoshop: Love Blending Modes * Love Design: Love Vector Art * Who loves 'ya? * Coming in MARCH : Designing Women * February: In search of Martin Luther King Jr. * Photoshop: Automating a Multistep Tasks * Creative Tidbits: February * 25-Grand for a new recycle icon * How to SELL your ideas * 110213">The Myths of Innovation * Marketing Update 1101-24 * Signature Capture for Filemaker * Your Next Computer Will Be Virtual * iPads and iPhones in the Enterprise ... and much more February 1, 2011

DTG January, 2011

Welcome to 2011 * 2010 in Photos * 2011 Search Predictions * 2011 CES Round-up * Photoshop Madness: One Last Time * Photoshop Madness: Visions * The Complete Manual of Typography * Print Brokering * ePub Straight to the Point * Creative Tidbits: New Year * Unpack your Thinking (Again) * Creative Tidbits: New Stuff * Creative Tidbits: Catch-up * Media update: Rolling into 2011 * Media update: Trends in the media * Web Update * DTP: iCalamus Page Layout and Design * DTP: Upgrades from Zevrix * Photographic: LightFrame Digital Photos * Photographic: Bluetooth Camera Control * Mailbag: A new year of graphic design * and more January 1, 2011

Font comments from DTG Readers

Each year we ask for readers' comments, discoveries, reflections, inspiration and views on type, fonts and typography. These two shining submissions grabbed our attention and we just had to pass them along to you. (Plus they win prizes for sending their thoughts!) August 31, 2010

DTG &Else NEWS Archive: 2009

The listing of combined news resources for 2009 from August back to January, for shareware, software, news items about the industry, spam, security, new books, etc. July 25, 2009


All those who wanted to monetize their web sites had a big boost a couple of years ago when Google rolled out their AdSense program. I jumped on board, just like I jumped on the new upstart named "Amazon" when they first appeared on the scene. Amazon has cut its affiliates commissions back to near-oblivion, in the interest of their profits -- why did we think Google wouldn't do the same? November 4, 2007