DT&G : Design, Type & Graphics for June 2015

Here comes some real fun for graphic deisgners for the summer of 2015 ... enjoy and don't forget to send in your photos from the summer!

  2. Photoshop Tutorial : Blazing Fire Sketch Effects
  3. Citizen Designer : should graphic designers have social responsibility?
  4. 60-Seconds #323 : Future history - the coming of a Digital Dark Age
  5. Design Giants Glaser and Bernard Produce Human Rights Magazine
  6. Masterworks of American Modernism from New York to New Mexico
  7. Publishing Update 1505-15 : Digital Media, Publishing, content, print, and DTP
  8. You cannot innovate into the future until you understand the past
  9. Social Media Update : infographics, strategy, readership, and SEO
  10. iPad Etiquette: using iPads in your presentations
  11. Art Authority Announces Year Five of Its Intern Program for Art Majors
  12. One thing most designers and creative professionals lack that will kill profits
  13. &Else News, Views and Reviews
  14. JULY: Digital Photography
  15. August and Summertime Design
May 28, 2015

DT&G : Design, Type & Graphics for May 2015

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 25, #05 ~ May

  1. May is all about Design Graduation
  2. Photoshop Madness : Spring color palettes, flowers and mothers
  3. Creative Tidbits #191: inspiration, typography, gallery, Paul Rand
  4. Photoshop Tutorial : Create a Geometric Wallpaper in Photoshop
  5. An extraordinary design conference on type & typography comes to New York City
  6. 60-Seconds #321: Google's Mobilegeddon! REPENT or ye shall surely perish!
  7. 60-Seconds #322 : I got trapped by Google Adsense & false advertising
  8. GraphicConverter rises to yet greater heights with the latest upgrade from Lemke Software
  9. Advertising Update : broadcast vs. print, Sensory Marketing, Facebook
  10. Social Media Update : The wires and wireless are buzzing with the next big thing
  11. Transform the Photos You Have into the Images You Want
  12. Could Pixelmator Watercolor Painting Technology be the one that replaces Photoshop?
  13. PaintCode 2.3 adds over 15 new features, including SVG export
  14. iOS Photo Booth App - SnapBooth Offers Major New Features
  15. Web Design Update: Mobilegeddon, Amorality, Uber, SEO, Web trends and more!
  16. Recreate the magic of instant Polaroid printing
  17. JUNE: Creative SURF
  18. Mother's Day & Graduation

May 1, 2015

DT&G : Design, Type & Graphics for April 2015

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 25, #04 ~ April Here we are, moving forward into April, and part two of our Designing Women special. As always have a great month, and keep in touch . . .
What's here?

  1. 20th Annual Designing Women Celebration Three: New finds, old friends
  2. 20th Annual Designing Women Celebration Four: Pins, needles, pens, paints and passion
  3. 60-Seconds #320 : Should history be erased? Should Google erase memories if they're out of date?
  4. Vintage printing effects with this new Photoshop plug-in Permanent Press
  5. Creative Tidbits #189: Oscars, Light Sabers and Football Helmets
  6. Creative Tidbits #190: Hip-hoppers, decades, Instagram, textures and more
  7. Marketing Update : Twitter, Facebook, Direct Mail, Press Releases, Video and more
  8. Advertising Update : Brand-Protection, cookies, digital ads, ad strategy
  9. Marketing Update : Click-through, Customers, Mobile, Email, PR Pros and more
  10. Marketing Update : March Marketing Madness
  11. Create a Whole New World of Video with Red Giant Universe VFX
  12. Know how to fold? Use the Folding Genius AI Version 2 for Mac and Win
  13. Graphic Design App Candy Apple Updated with more WOW features!
  14. & Else : News, Views and Reviews from the News Department
  15. April is brought to you by
  16. Looking ahead: May, June July

April 1, 2015

DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for March 2015

March is "Women's History Month" and to help celebrate, we highlight the works of outstanding Designing Women. Celebrate Designing Women in our Gallery, and let us introduce you to a few of the top designers, illustrators, and photographers in the world ; and we'll revisit some of our designing women from the past . . . what a great month! March 1, 2015

DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for January & February 2015

  • Black History Month
  • Creative Tidbits #186: Valentines Madness
  • CREATIVE Tidbits : Valentine's Do It Yourself
  • Final Call for the 2015 Hillman Prizes in Journalism
  • 60-Seconds #318 : What will happen to your digital estate when you're gone?
  • Ted Leonhardt: Ten Interviewing and Negotiation Tips for Creatives
  • Promo, Promo Slow Month Blues
  • 40 Visions of Royalty, Kings and Queens, Kate and her Prince Charming, Queen Elizabeth
  • Valentine's art pages and clip for young and old alike!
  • Start your year off right with Photo Apps for iPhone and iPad
  • 1,800 high quality commercial fonts now available from MacAppware
  • Turn your photos into gorgeous, high-quality gallery wraps for professional presentation
  • Automating Grayscale conversions is now easy with Monochrome
  • Free Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets are Available on the New Website
  • FTP transfer of non-compressed folders : use Deliver Express
  • Designing Women are coming
  • & Else : A new year of news, views and reviews
  • What does February Mean to You?
  • January 15, 2015

    DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for December 2014

    DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 24, #12 ~ December

    1. Greetings and welcome to December and the Holidays!
    2. 25 awesome examples of fantasy illustration from The Golden Age of Illustration
    3. Photoshop Madness : in the holiday spirit from dimwits to families to snow globes and others
    4. 429 Professional Photoshop Styles - never make styles from scratch again!
    5. Are you being held hostage by Adobe? InDesign? No more!
    6. Candy Canes, Bells, Ribbons, and Santa : Adobe Illustrator vector files for the Holidays!
    7. 60-Seconds #317 : Goodbye SpamCop
    8. Typography : many styles and combinations make this a true vintage collection!
    9. Typography : Adorn your designs with borders, banners and catchwords collection!
    10. Counting on your support
    11. A Quarter Century online ... and more
    12. December 1, 2014

    DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for November 2014

    01 November: Design the Holidays
    02 25 Awesome illustrations for 'family' ... happy Thanksgiving
    03 Photoshop Food Madness : Food Photography, retouching & styling
    04 Creative Update 180 ~~ Graphic Design Creative Inspiration
    05 The Essential Handbook for all Creatives and Innovators: The 46 Rules of Genius
    06 Scott Kelby books for Photographers - one or the whole set!
    07 Picture your Mini-Me - your own 3D statue of yourself!
    08 Dan Winters: The Road to Seeing
    09 New Graphic Novel CARBON says it's 'Time To Cut The Crap...' and the Carbon Emissions
    10 Ultimate Halloween Masks as created with Photoshop
    11 In the Bookshelf and Gallery for the holidays :
    12 20th Annual Fonts Surf Recap:
    13 iPhone, iPad, Android and Apps for November and Thanksgiving
    14 Thanksgiving
    15 Hope you enjoy our November issue . . . November 1, 2014

    DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for October 2014

    DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 24, #10 ~ October

    1. October: 20th Annual Fonts Festival
    2. Fonts Surf continued : fonts, lettering and typography surf Five
    3. 6: History, Signs and even a sip of booze fonts
    4. 7: making faces from font faces
    5. 8: Master Gerard Huerta, Kings, OpenType and Vintage Scripts
    6. 9: Signage Lettering trends, cursive fonts, and chic fonts for cheap
    7. 10: Ampersands : a 25 year love affair
    8. Day of the Dead graphics, clip art, design inspiration and fun
    9. Vintage Holiday Greeting Cards offer rich design inspiration
    10. If you only had ONE FONT... which one would it be and why
    11. 350 Free Fonts for Download Now - Come-n-get-em'
    12. 60-Seconds #316 : What's the most overused font?
    13. New font designed by Erik Spiekermann for the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry
    14. 301 Professional Photoshop & Illustrator Styles - never make styles from scratch again!
    15. Marketing Update : Pro Bono Work, Marketing Videos, Experts and Top U.S. Buzz
    16. &Else: News, Views, Reviews
    17. NOVEMBER: "Designing the Holidays"
    October 1, 2014

    DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for September 2014 (PART ONE)

    01 Hello September and kick-off of the 20th Annual Festival
    02 This Year's Fonts Fest Poster
    03 20th Annual Fonts Festival : fonts, lettering and typography surf
    04 Fonts, lettering and typography surf TWO
    05 Fonts, lettering and typography surf THREE
    06 Photoshop Fonts, type, lettering effects tutorials Madness
    07 Major bundle : 1000s of PSD and Ai files for pennies each
    08 P22 respecting traditional typography values with today technology
    09 60-Seconds #156 : Freelancing Pitfalls
    10 JumboZilla: Thousands of Super Premium Design Resources
    11 Marketing Update : End of Summer, on to big marketing season
    12 Creative Update 178 -- Design, Typography and Graphics for September
    13 &Else: Photo Editing App Insta Split for Instagram Released
    14 &Else: Perfect Auto-Updating Photo Frame Using Unbound And Dropbox
    15 PART ONE ... keep watching for PART TWO September 1, 2014