18th Annual Designing Women Two

Now we continue our quest for creative spirits in celebration of Women's History Month.
Ladies and gentlemen, the 18th Annual Designing Women edition kicks off with :
* Gender Disparities in the Design Field
* Linn Olofsdotter : an eye for detail
* strawberryLuna : Female Designers
* The magic of Katie Daisy
* WOW : Birdwatching
... and more to come! February 26, 2013

18th Annual Designing Women Celebration

18th Annual Designing Women edition of DTG Magazine Each year we take great relish and pleasure in discovering creative spirits in celebration of Women's History Month. This year, our 18th, the social networking scene has taken over, and now, we've been discovered because it would appear that everyone and their brother has a "Designing Women" edition. But we've found a few fabulous women designers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and other social networking channels that we feel deserve to be celebrated!

Ladies and gentlemen, the 18th Annual Designing Women edition kicks off with :
* Original screen prints of the Chicago Women’s Graphics Collective posters
* The Role of Women in Design | 12 Designers – 12 Opinions
* Louise Ormerod : Gender Disparities in Graphic Design
* Interviewing Women in Web Design Around the World
* 5 Women Designers You Should Know About
... and more to come! February 25, 2013

Heather Keogh : Green Screen Photography

Our 18th Annual Designing Women edition continues with a field trip visit to the photography studios of Heather Keogh, where she specializes in green screen photography and photoshop. Everything in her portfolio is from a green screen... February 25, 2013

Extraordinary Visions : Lightwave rolls out new features and enhancements

We never cease to be amazed by what they're doing in the 3D and rendering world of illustration. NewTek's Lightwave continues to take huge strides toward the ultimate capabilities, and this new upgrade puts fur on it . . . February 13, 2013

Black History Month Poster

We've put together a poster of some of our favorite web page images from Black History issues in the past. Pin it and pass it along to your other friends. DTG has hosted the Black History special every February since 1994! January 30, 2013

New GraphicConverter for Mac OS X

This is great news for everyone who knows about Graphic Converter -- one of the longest-running, best-loved painting and image editing software packages in the world -- long before Photoshop. I cannot even begin to suggest how many times I've used this versitile software ... slide shows, converting formats to formats, opening impossible-to-open image files, reoutching, rescaling, and all manner of what to do with images . . . well, there's an all new version . . . December 26, 2012

$2000 Worth of Design Resources for YOU

Our partner MacApps Sales and InkyDeals have come up with this super-duper deal to celebrate their first birthday -- you get a HUGE birthday bundle of design resources -- until Christmas Eve
Get $2799 Worth of Design Resources for only $49! December 16, 2012

Logoist makes cool effects, not logos

From time to time we get releases or review copies of software they developer calls "logo" software of some kind. There are lots of software programs that help you style or produce logos, but there are NONE that can design logos for you. So no matter how compelling, never believe that software can "design" for you . . . Logoist has a lot of styling and effects power -- so you'll want to take a look! November 21, 2012

Kick off the Holidays with Painting Apps for iPad

We're moving toward the gift and photo season, and these apps make great companions to your iPad or other compatible tablet. …
* TurboCollage – Collage Creator for iPad
* PaintMee HD
* Camera Flash PRO for iPad 2
* Auto Adjust
* Photogene is about improving your digital photos
* Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite
. . . and more October 24, 2012

Photoshop Seascape Madness

PHOTOSHOP MADNESS is where you practically go mad trying to find the most useful stuff for Photoshop! This is continued from the HDR topic this month with 'Seascape' madness -- mad HDR seascape photography of places you WISH you had gone to shoot photos. . . and convert to HDR. June 29, 2012