Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Watercolor, Scatter and Smoke brushes in Photoshop

Our friends out at have sent this tutorial to brighten your brushes collection -- and they even send along links to the suggested files. We all know that understanding how to make your own brushes can really come in handy. After all, many times, you could use a good brush when working in Photoshop August 24, 2015

DT&G : Design, Type & Graphics for August 2015

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 25, #08 ~ August

Graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, typographers, digital artists and everyone in the creative fields around here are looking forward to summer!
01 June and July and the livin' was Easy
02 Hats off to Lynda Weinman and
03 60-Seconds #326 : Fools Gold - web advertising
04 The Art of Maxfield Parrish
05 Creative Tidbits #193: Logos Good and Bad, Posters, promotions and more
06 Pop up some sideline income by popping up Logo Pop for FREE
07 Creative Tidbits #192: Ask Tog, Site Tweaks, Infographics and Creative inspiration
08 60-Seconds #325 : Should graphic designers have social responsibility?
09 60 Seconds #324: Getting a job in the Web Design field takes a little more than an email
10 Marketing Update : marketing hacks, marketing sins, marketing myths and more and more
11 Mosaic-Crop in Posterino for your next montage will amaze you!
12 There's a new Media Browser in town, and it's awesome
13 Web designers who discover the sandvox are in for a nice treat
14 August : End of summer, gateway to the fall
August 1, 2015

Art Authority Announces Year Five of Its Intern Program for Art Majors

An appreciation of art is one of the foundation requirements for all visual communicators. Now, the Art Authority for iPad is the only iPad Reference app to be named to both of Apple's Rewind "best of" lists. It brings over 75,000 high-resolution classic works of art to your fingertips. May 23, 2015

You cannot innovate into the future until you understand the past

Year five of the 'Art Authority' Summer Intern Program is here for students majoring in art and art history. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your visual vocabulary for future design innovation. Check it out! May 11, 2015

DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for January & February 2015

  • Black History Month
  • Creative Tidbits #186: Valentines Madness
  • CREATIVE Tidbits : Valentine's Do It Yourself
  • Final Call for the 2015 Hillman Prizes in Journalism
  • 60-Seconds #318 : What will happen to your digital estate when you're gone?
  • Ted Leonhardt: Ten Interviewing and Negotiation Tips for Creatives
  • Promo, Promo Slow Month Blues
  • 40 Visions of Royalty, Kings and Queens, Kate and her Prince Charming, Queen Elizabeth
  • Valentine's art pages and clip for young and old alike!
  • Start your year off right with Photo Apps for iPhone and iPad
  • 1,800 high quality commercial fonts now available from MacAppware
  • Turn your photos into gorgeous, high-quality gallery wraps for professional presentation
  • Automating Grayscale conversions is now easy with Monochrome
  • Free Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets are Available on the New Website
  • FTP transfer of non-compressed folders : use Deliver Express
  • Designing Women are coming
  • & Else : A new year of news, views and reviews
  • What does February Mean to You?
  • January 15, 2015

    Creative Tidbits #185: Last episode for 2014

    Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits

    Here we go . . . the LAST Creative Tidbits column for 2014. Say goodbye to the year, and get yourself ready to ramp up in January. A lot happened in the year, and you can go back and find more than twenty Creative columns in 2014. Have fun earning from these:

    • The New Pantone 'Color of the Year' for 2015 is Pantone 18-1438 Marsala
    • A New Book Examines the History of Graphic Design in California
    • Royal College of Art releases GraphicsRCA: Fifty Years book
    • interview with illustrator and designer jean jullien
    • Artists launch street sculpture exhibit program
    • Brewing up a new identity for Coffee Officina
    • Illustrator is inspired by the Westcountry
    • Buy A Logo - 10 Tips For Better Design
    • Ten Questions for: Fernando Gutiérrez
    • ... and more!
    December 16, 2014

    Creative Update #184: more logos, California design, best app, design mistakes and more

    Fred Showker's Creative Update

    We never seem to slow down, but in many situations the creative spirit needs 'rest' -- so sit down and take it easy while you go through this week's creative tidbits. The need for creative inspiration goes on .... in this edition :

    • Looking at the artwork of the Criterion Collection
    • The Colorful History of California Graphic Design
    • Design App is Apple's App of the Year runner-up
    • A Photo Exhibit That Examines Climate Change
    • Inside the Cinelli and Columbus factories
    • How big data is revolutionizing design
    • 6 Common Mistakes in Graphic Design
    • How To Design A Killer Gig Poster
    • Why Aren’t You Creative?
    • ... and more! December 10, 2014

    Creative Update #183: Legos, Optical Illusions, Kellogg Gallery, client feedback and more

    Fred Showker's Creative Update

    Getting ready to wrap up the year opens the slow season. However creativity for designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, typographers and anyone involved in the creative processes, or visual communications will not slow down. The need for creative inspiration goes on .... in this edition :

    • Polk State Was a Beginning, and Without It, I Wouldn’t Be Where I am Today
    • 5 Easy Ways To Create A Brilliant Background For Your LinkedIn Profile
    • This Graphic Translates Web Design Feedback into Plain English
    • LEGO BRICK: pinhole camera snaps tiny thumbnail-sized 'photos'
    • I am the Jackie Robinson of Hip Hop Graphic Design!
    • How optical illusions trick your brain
    • Art Department Faculty Work Featured at the Kellogg Gallery
    • Cincinnati Design Awards honors wide range of local projects
    • ... and more!
    December 3, 2014

    DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for December 2014

    DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 24, #12 ~ December

    1. Greetings and welcome to December and the Holidays!
    2. 25 awesome examples of fantasy illustration from The Golden Age of Illustration
    3. Photoshop Madness : in the holiday spirit from dimwits to families to snow globes and others
    4. 429 Professional Photoshop Styles - never make styles from scratch again!
    5. Are you being held hostage by Adobe? InDesign? No more!
    6. Candy Canes, Bells, Ribbons, and Santa : Adobe Illustrator vector files for the Holidays!
    7. 60-Seconds #317 : Goodbye SpamCop
    8. Typography : many styles and combinations make this a true vintage collection!
    9. Typography : Adorn your designs with borders, banners and catchwords collection!
    10. Counting on your support
    11. A Quarter Century online ... and more
    12. December 1, 2014

    Creative Update #182: Creative Inspiration, Logo design, digital signage and Paul McCartney

    Fred Showker's Creative Update

    • Paul McCartney and Nick Cave contribute hand drawn artwork for Alzheimer's Society
    • $50 Discount to HOW Design Live Conference in Chicago, May 2015
    • The 5 most common design mistakes in digital signage
    • What deserves Cincy’s ‘Razzies’ of design?
    • Translating print skills to Web design
    • 6 Common Mistakes in Logo Design
    • ... and more!
    November 27, 2014