Tintbooks Blog Makes CMYK Simple

by Fred Showker

Tintbooks has opened their new blog called "Simple CMYK Color" -- it's dedicated to assisting you with CMYK color solutions. Common to complex situations which affect color reproduction will be described on this blog.

Have you experienced surprises that affect your color choices while working on print projects? Many variables directly influence the reproduction and perception of a color manufactured by 4-color process screen tints. Tangerine Tango leads the trend in fashion colors in 2012. These are the recommended Tintbooks’ CMYK color guide formula matches to make Tangerine Tango out of 4-color process:


80% Yellow + 100 % Magenta -- Coated Paper Formula
90% Yellow + 100 % Magenta -- Uncoated Paper Formula

Here's why you'll want the Tintbook ... how will you know what the color will look like on coated vs. uncoated paper. That could be a big mistake!

coated vs. uncoated paper stocks

The colors above don't necessarily look the same. The outer circles are coated stock, and the die-cut holes reveal the SAME INKS printed on an uncoated sheet. WOW.

The goal of Tintbooks is to create simple color communication for everyone who is involved in the graphic design industry. Technology has enhanced delivery and simplicity for working on print projects, but craftsmandship remains important for producing high-quality results. Tintbooks are still printed ink on paper, as in "what you see is what you get."

If you build color -- you'll really appreciate the leaps in creativity and confidence you can gain with Tintbook.

Join the color conversation and find answers to your color questions at
Tintbooks blog
Visit www.tintbooks.com for all the details and lots of sample pages.

Until next time... have fun building color!

Joyce Joyce
      Joyce Dalman Printing Services

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