Photoshop Tutorial : Create a Vibrant Flaming Abstract Space Artwork

by Guest Writer

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Building the Background

Grab your Brush Tool (B) and paint something like on the image below. I used #acffea for the lightest color, #407887 in the middle of the image and dark blue in the bottom-left corner. After you've painted it go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur . . . and blur this layer a bit to make it look softer.

 Gaussian Blur -

Step 3: jolly up the center part of the image

Create another layer and fill it with black. This layer will be used to jolly up the center part of the image. Decrease its ‘Fill' to 0%. Go to layer styles and use the following settings for this layer:

Go to layer styles - Flame in space tutorial

Step 4: adding Luminosity

Now create a dark blue layer just above the ‘Layer 1′. You can actually use here some different shades of blue but keep it dark (just create something like in the second step of this tutorial).   Set this layer to ‘Luminosity'.  After that create one more layer and use the following settings for your brush to paint some stars on your newly created layer:

Luminosity layer brush settings

Step 5: Add some clouds

This step is optional but you can also paste here any clouds image above both layers from the previous step and decrease its opacity to around 15%. This will make your blue layer a bit more differentiated. You should get something similar to this afterwards:

add some clouds

NEXT: We'll introduce vector objects from Illustrator

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