Photoshop Tutorial : Create a Vibrant Flaming Abstract Space Artwork

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Introducing vector objects from Adobe Illustrator

Save your image as *.jpg file and paste it into the Illustrator. Use Pen Tool (P) to draw two lines like me (blue ones). After that go to Object -> Blend -> Blend Options . . . and use 24 for Specified Steps. Use the Blend Tool (W) and click on both paths. A few more paths between the previous ones should appear.

Pen Tool 5

Step 7: Work with Smart Objects

Select them all, copy them and paste as ‘Smart Object' into the Photoshop. Place them like one the image below. Decrease ‘Fill' of this layer to 0% and its ‘Opacity' to 50%. Go to layer styles and use white for Color Overlay and #0077a3 for Inner Glow.

working with smart objects

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