Happy Feet Text Effect Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial

by Ainsley Bevis

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Adjustments to 3D files, and Final Assembly

3. Make the adjustments to positioning : If some fonts are overlapping, right click the font and go to Arrange > Send to Back. Or if you want to bring a letter forward, right click > Arrange > Bring to Front. Using the Selection Tool select all of the letters and go into Object Expand Appearance. With the letters still selected go into Object > Ungroup (Shift+CTRL+G), you'll need to do this about 10 times. This will make it so you can select each section of the letters.

3D type adjustments

4. Styling Letter Fronts : While holding down the Shift Key select the front part of the letters on the first word. If you click on the wrong section just click on the section again while still holding down the Shift key. With all the main shapes selected put in the Gradient below.

Coloring 3D type in PSD gradient and blending

5. Do the same with the second word, but put in the gradient below.

colorizing type in Photoshop

6. Now select all of the 3D sections of the letters and put in the Gradient below. You may need to Enlarge the canvas using the Zoom Tool to select the smaller 3D sections that are hard to select and apply the gradient.

Quick Tip: To apply a gradient that's already on the canvas, while the shape you want to put the gradient on.  Get the Eye Dropper Tool and click on the Gradient. 

Save the document (if you haven't already before). 


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