Calligraphy & Penmanship Gift Guide

by Fred Showker

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Copperplate Calligraphy

Copperplate Calligraphy

Favorite guides for calligraphy, lettering and illumination

Not only is this book out of print but Dick Jackson is no longer with us. This book is a classic regarding the copperplate alphabet. It is written clearly with excellent examples of the letters.
      One of the secrets to the lettering is a light touch to the up strokes. The other is the down strokes - none of us who were fortunate to have taken one of his workshops will ever forget his voice - MASH ON IT - as we created the downstrokes with the pen. He always wanted to see a contrast to the thick/thin lines. This book is worth searching for.
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Calligraphy in 24 HoursFavorite guides for calligraphy, lettering and illumination

Serious beginners who open this book can really learn the ancient art of calligraphy in just 24 one-hour sessions. A carefully structured beginner's course, Calligraphy in 24 Hours starts with basic instruction and progresses through sessions that challenge readers with projects of increasing difficulty.
      VEIKO KESPERSAKS is a leading Scandinavian calligraphy specialist and lettering designer based in London. He has gained an international reputation as one of the most skilled lettering artists and teachers currently working in the field.
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The Bible of Illuminated Letters

Favorite guides for calligraphy, lettering and illumination

Readers and students of illumination who open this book will find: a history of illumination; required tools, techniques, and materials for illuminating; instruction in layout and design; and steps to follow in order to create 12 alphabet styles.
      This beautiful book also features a picture gallery of outstanding historical and contemporary illuminated letters, as well as a glossary and index. More than 400 inspiring color illustrations in total.
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Calligraphy: A Course in Hand Lettering

Favorite guides for calligraphy, lettering and illumination This Spiral-Bound is for anyone who's ever been wowed by the writing on a wedding invitation rather than the reception...for anyone who's ever studied the calligraphy on a wine list rather than the chianti.
      This is a comprehensive calligraphy course between covers, taught by a distinguished calligrapher. From ninth-century Uncial to fifteenth-century Gothic to nineteenth-century Script, the book explains the development of the major 'hands' and shows how to master the basics. Topics include supplies, strokes, pen angles, spacing, design and layout, italic lettering, Carolingian lettering, foundational lettering, plus much, much more. Therapeutic and rewarding, calligraphy is popular both as an art form and a form of relaxation'and here's the perfect no-fuss, no-muss starter course!

Ornate Pictorial CalligraphyFavorite guides for calligraphy, lettering and illumination

The traditional ornamental art of "flourishing." Complete instructions and examples help you create your own magnificent swirls, delicately shaded curves, harmoniously crisscrossing lines, from which birds, rabbits, deer, ribbons, and other objects gracefully emerge.
      In the Dover tradition, this is a great little book for just a few dollars! Over 150 royalty-free illustrations may also be applied to a multitude of graphic art and design purposes. Preface. Instructions.
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