Fonts with Attitude

by Fred Showker

Fonts with Attitude

INGRAMS' PROFESSIONAL FONT LIBRARY 829 INGRAMS' PROFESSIONAL FONT LIBRARY 829 is definitely not your father's fonts. Ingram labels this CD collection "Fonts for the Modern Age" and that's exactly what they are.

829 sports more than 800 exciting fonts, in OpenType format, with real attitude. Of course there is a spattering of classic romans, serifs and sans serifs for all your text and "straight" needs -- but that's where mediocrity ends. From there on it's a thrill ride of typography faces to please, amaze, shock, befuddle, and amuse. Categories include: expanded and wide ; condensed and narrow ; serif and sans serif ; picture, script and thematic. The price is certainly reasonable for this much excitement -- check it out if you can handle it.

Special multi-layer fonts for color

Special multi-layer fonts for color -- Selected families in the collection include 'layer fonts' which are designed to used together to create exciting typographical possibilities: For example Algol consist of Algol Regular, Algol VII and Algol IX. Algol Regular and Algol VII can be layered for a striking effect. Algol IX is transparent with more relaxed spacing which enables the observer to see right through it. Alternate letters with closed counters provide a world of design possibilities.

16th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Professional Font Library 829 selected examplesOrder the WHOLE collection from Ingram for just $189 -- a true deal for more than 800 fonts

You'll notice the header created for this year's "16th Annual Fall Fonts Festival" -- well that's the Addlethorpe font, which simulates the look of lead type from the letterpress days, except it's in positive -- so you can actually use it! This one is ALSO one of the multi-layer fonts, mentioned above, that you can layer colors and effects with.
Addle Thorpe looks like lead type Addle Thorpe Regular

Order the WHOLE collection from Ingram for just $189 -- a true deal for more than 800 fonts! At their web site, you can also purchase individual fonts or font families, in case you are just interested in a few. Go ahead and take a look at this huge collection of
Ingram Professional Font Library 829


Byington classic Serif Roman Now continue with more of my favorites ...


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