15th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

by Fred Showker

...where DTG magazine presents the coolest and hottest in typography

This year's fest seems to have taking on an entirely different personality -- with 50,000 sites and blogs all bantering to be "your" typography site, it's a little difficult to decide which way to go. One thing we did find, and that's the proliferation of 'replicator' sites -- those sites that are based on the content of other sites just to generate traffic and revenue, much like the clip art and Photoshop tutorial sites. Keep in mind, many of the fonts we found will be available in the Publishers' Warehouse for download. We're having a great time anyway -- and we invite you to follow along...

Jungle Rock

First stop: Jungle Rock -- boy, do we ever love the fonts conjured up by Jessica Slater, a rare talent in typography. Unfortunately, the font knock-off sites have so mungled the names and origins of thousands of fonts, finding Jessica for comment because an unattainable challenge. Oh well. But like hookers at the cowboy rodeo, the stalker font sites are all along the highway waiting to snare you.

This totally unique freeware font has special characters that help you fill in the type. You will need to know these characters. There are 4 spaces, 4 left edges and 4 right edges as well as a complete blank like a real space. So you can configure the type to fill the entire block area. Very cool.


With the holidays just around the corner, we know you'll also find the "SnowBiz" font to be a real hoot. It's another one from Jessica

Daisy script font

This is the third in a series of six handwriting fonts for the main characters in the webcomic Dubmarine. Previously were Ruth Script, Terry Script. These are the works of Vic Fieger an uncelebrated font designer with some rather unique fonts up his sleeve. We liked the Daisy Script Font, and it led us to some of his others. (Here's a more complete look at Daisy)

Vic font breakaway

We love the broken effect of "Breakaway" also by Vic Fieger. It's really well done, and has a lot of impact for those occasions when you've got to hit'em between the eyes.

Auz dings

Vic also produced the Azudings font based on Japanese cartoon characters! It's a hoot and there are a lot of characters. You can see them all, here.

Breakaway font

For those who like Vic's work, he does offer a CD of 75 of his most prized fonts including five brand new fonts exclusive to this disc. You can purchase in his online store at www.vicfieger.com. While you're there, do not miss his "Go Oogle" project ... guaranteed to bring some laughs!

Those Remarkable Typography Students

We often talk about student work, and we're always on the look-out for great up-and-coming typographers.


Henning Skibbe is one we ran across who shows a marked talent in the typographical skills. He studied communication design at the university of applied science Potsdam and Lucas de Groot. In these classes he created the Arctic and Nautik font families. In 2007 he graduated from university with distinction. Part of his thesis project was the Haptic family. On your visit, don't miss his kalligrafie (Calligraphy) department.


The Nautic typeface is a display family that comes in five weights and has a rather distinctive look and feel. You can see the sell sheet for the font, and Henning invites you to download it for free!

Don't forget, we will be adding, and the Fonts Fest continues in OCTOBER. Had enough? No? Okay, then just follow along as we turn the page ...

... and thanks for reading!

Fred Showker
Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher of DTG Magazine

We always invite you to share your favorite freeware or shareware fonts for the DTG readers. Got comments or suggestions? Just give us a shout.


27th Anniversary for DTG Magazine


On September 12th, Anonymous said:

Thanks, to this column for featuring my custom letterforms last year – and here is an memo – a tribute – to one of the finest font collectors in the country. Or, at least he was, in his prime, when we worked together over 30 years ago. Mr. Dan Solo – SoloType was is business name – working out of a basement in the Oakland hills with a custom-made distortion photography gadget, he delivered #1) unique fonts, and then could #2) offer twists, curves and all the other distortions that we take for granted now using Illustrator. Pasting in a blogg tribute from another admirer below. Dan was (is?) a true legend in preserving the timeless fonts of our history.

Cordially submitted,

Thomas Morris / ThomasMorrisDesign.com


Dan Solo - Type Hero
Dan Solo is a living treasure in America. When using one of his rescued types for the up-tenth time, I decided to look around on the internet for him, and of course found him. This is his biography. I think it is a good read. He teaches, through his amazing collection, the language of alphabet and typography. A language that is lanquishing........... (not bad - huh?)

...And certainly seek out his fonts on MyFonts and Dover - He is the master. I will need to give the link, as I realize that the bio was not pasting in the blog:



On April 14th, Hines said:

I love these actions!
... with that anwesr!

On May 25th, anti anxiety said:

Participation of us together with my better half that we now owned or operated more iPods in the past compared with those who could count the number, including Sansa iRivers, iPods on the market (basic and effect), the Ibiza Rhapsody, and many others.

Just why? Since I became glad to hear how well designed things can be with the right type, fonts and typography...

Keep up the great work!

On June 30th, EnidBowen28 said:

I love fonts ... and really like you festival -- I'll be back!

Please add me to your newsletter list so I get info on new stuff happening!


On June 28th, Irina said:

Oh, how we do love fonts!

Fred, congratulations -- your fonts festivals have been fabulous over the years.

... and we really love the Facebook site too ... thanks for friending me!

marleen smets

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