Ablati and Artimas Fonts

by Fred Showker


David designed Ablati Oldstyle as a demo while writing his new book, "Practical Font Design: FontLab 4.6". To talk about font design, the font was designed so readers could watch the various development stages while it was being built. It's a unilateral serif for both text and display that seems to have a nice hand.

beautiful shapes

We believe this trait is what brings the lyrical feel to Ablati. Its serifs seem to move the eye along -- thus a better text font. Here's a Ablati full page sample

To make the TrueType and Type one versions more useful, it was converted to the Opentype Pro font into Ablati Oldstyle with oldstyle figures, and Ablati Small Caps with the proportional lining and small cap figures plus many of the discretionary ligatures and swashes. David also offers Ablati 8-bit which is a package including the Oldstyle and Small Cap 8-bit fonts in a package for the normal font price. The individual 8-bit fonts go for less.

The font is available at the foundry's Website: www.hackberry-fonts.com -- plus MyFonts and the Monotype family of sites. MSRP: $24.95 The book is available at the Radiqx Press on LuLu.com for less than $14.


Another great font family from David this year is the Artimas font family. This one, although humanistic in nature, is designed to be loose, nostalgic, friendly, playful, and easy to read. It's intended for use in books, booklets, and general typography. The font sports a full complement of small caps, playful ligatures, lining/oldstyle/small cap figures, and very good readability.

The small x-height is a characteristic -- a new direction for Bergsland Typography -- is what gives this font it's old look, and forces those lines apart to breathe air into text passages. You'll want to set it a little larger with very little leading -- possibly 103%, but most will probably want it at 105% or a little more. Click here to pop up a full page sample

Artimas is also available at the foundry's Website: www.hackberry-fonts.com

David Bergsland

David has been a graphic designer, art director, teacher, and author on digital printing and publishing for nearly forty years. He has written several books, See his books and tutorial materials) designed well over a hundred fonts, and taught on the digital publishing industry needs for the past fifteen years. Presently he is working for a large printing company developing training materials for InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat. Most of his recent works are published by Radiqx Press and available on his Website: bergsland.org


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