Delicious typography discoveries

by Fred Showker

15th Annual Fall Fonts Festival at DTG Magazine and the Graphic Design & Publishing Center We continue discovering rare works of typography created by today's young creatives. From utilizing Google maps to find letterforms, to a wonderful collection of wood print sheets in a type manifesto, the world really is full of exciting visuals built around typography

Google Earth Alphabet

Thomas de Bruin: Google Earth alphabet -- Bruin's Google Earth Alphabet using only locations in The Netherlands. Bruin scowers over Google Maps looking for land shapes that suggest letterforms including capitals, lower case and numbers and punctuation. A monumental feat: Thomas de Bruin Flickr.
GO Bruin also makes some rather inspired Ambigrams, particularly for family members... see: Nina de Bruin, and Kasper, and be sure to visit Thomas de Bruin's Flickr Photo Stream

slinktype font of circles

Slinktype: From Paul Hollingworth's Portfolio comes a simple, yet interesting type experiment using repetitive linear shapes to make letter forms. A tribute to the classic slinky. See the gallery at, and visit Hollingworth's Portfolio

Symbols in the sand

Symbols in the Sand: Andrew van der Merwe's Photography, Typography, Philosophy Portfolio has a collection of spectacular photos called African beach calligraphy doodles.


These doodles are created using instruments and techniques he has developed over the past six years. As a calligrapher, Merwe has a particular interest in African colonial and pre-colonial writing systems. The interesting-looking characters are taken from west African symbols such as the Adinkra symbols of the Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast.
GO Andrew is the Beach Scriber
GO Andrew van der Merwe Portfolio

Patrycja Zywert's  type manifesto

The Type Manifesto project takes you through a series of nine things Patrycja Zywert thinks good design is all about. Each letter of the word MANIFESTO is formed from one short sentence in letterpress, wood type. Patrycja, we agree completely.
GO See Patrycja's Type Manifesto

As the type turns

That brings us to the end of this year's Fonts surf. Yes, we still have lots left over, so we'll get them updated here in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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On November 5th, Thomas de Bruin said:

Thanks for mentioning my Dutch Google Earth alphabet.
I'm glad people seem to like it.

Thomas de Bruin

On November 22nd, Patrycja Zywert said:

Hi, I'm glad you like my MANIFESTO! Thanks for mentioning my work!