Michael Doret's Steinweiss Script

by Fred Showker

2011 17th Annual Fall Fonts Fest in DTG MagazineIt's always a thrill to get a new font, and a major thrill to get one from Michael Doret. You might remember we spotlighted Michael's Metro Script five years ago for the 12th Fonts Fest. We are thrilled again this year with Michael's Steinweiss Script -- and it's been voted the 'official' font for the 17th annual fall fonts festival!

Steinweiss Script by Michael Doret

Steinweiss is a solid, casual and well rounded script that can go from art deco through modern, depending on how it is used. It's is soft, yet demands attention -- and it's got more curves than the road to Hana!* This is a masterful creation because of the multitude of special settings, alternative characters, ligatures and frequently used pairs and triads of letters that go together differently than straight typesetting.

Steinweiss Script by Michael Doret

Wow, while creating this sample of Steinweiss, it didn't even occur to me to click the Contextual Alternates button. Michael caught it and wrote :

quoting Fred, in the little sample you did, you probably forgot to click on the Contextual Alternates button in the OpenType palette. That would have given you a sample that looked like this. (below)
      Note the difference in the lowercase 'r' and 't' in Bright, the lowercase 'y' in Lively, the the 'h', the 'wr' ligature, and the final 'g' in handwriting. All are alternates that change according to their position in the word when the Contextual Alternates button is selected. It would also give you the 'Li' ligature, but that could have been easily be changed back to the one you used. end quote

Contextual Alternates in OpenType

About Steinweiss Script, Michael writes:

quoting These fonts began began their journey to becoming realized when Michael was asked by Taschen Publishing to do cover lettering for the huge edition they were putting together on the work of Alex Steinweiss -- 'The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover'.
      While working on this project, I realized that there was great potential for a font that was designed in the spirit of Steinweiss' famous scrawl. I was fortunate enough to be able to contact the Steinweiss family through Taschen Publishing, and get the official Steinweiss approval for Steinweiss Script. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from its sale will go directly to the man himself. end quote

The most fun, and of course the real value of Michael Doret's fonts is the incredible amount of work he builds into each font. He actually tries hundreds of different settings, looking for problem areas and opportunities for alternates. You'll only find a handful of fonts out on the market that are this flexible and complete ... a half dozen of those are Michaels!

The image at right, and this one, are from the Steinweiss Script User's Guide you'll want to download! Browse everything you need to know about this family of faces -- there is regular, medium and bold postures. You'll also get a peek into the history of the font, along with great looking examples of the font in use -- created by Michael himself.

17th Annual Fall Fonts Fest

Thank you Michael for designing such a great font -- and for sending it to me for this years festival!

Michael Doret's Steinweiss Script
Steinweiss Script User Guide 8 page PDF file (1.2 MB)
Michael Doret's DeliScript Font
Michael Doret's Metroscript Font
Michael Doret's Powerstation Font
A brief chat with Michael Doret

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