October Surf's Up for Fonts

by Fred Showker
15th Annual Fall Fonts Festival at DTG Magazine and the Graphic Design & Publishing Center Yes, it's October again and with the help of Gem fonts, we'll have some fun on this surf for sure. Please send along your favorite typographic discoveries so we can share them with all the rest of your friends and readers!
Now, on with the show...

Charmed TV Show

You might like this font if you are 'charmed' by the three, Halliwell sisters known as the Charmed ones (the most powerful witches) in the popular Charmed* TV Show!

Charming witches
A Charming Font FULL sample, download , view

Graham Meade has developed fonts since 1998, and on just about every fonts download scalper site you could find as many as 300 of his downloadable fonts. We discovered him originally as "Gem Fonts" but after that went dead, some said he had moved to "Apostrophe" fonts, but that's a parked "affiliate" revenue page now. So where Graham actually is, we don't know. Graham also created...

A  Yummy Apology font
A Yummy Font - Yummy Apology (Download A Yummy Apology, or view
and the "Halloween" font:

Halloween Font
Halloween font: Download or view

Find lots more fonts by Graham at www.dafont.com, and see this interview with Graham Meade at www.ethancote.com


Somewhere back in the 1980's our kids were thrilled with the movies, TV series and toyline 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. Thanks to Neale Davidson Fonts the Turtles live again in his font inspired by the TV series. You can find lots and lots of other TV Show inspired fonts by Neale
Turtles font page, download

Ambigrams make a comeback

Ambi I cannot remember how many years ago it was, but at one point Ambigrams became quite the rage in lettering and logo design. (Jeff Fisher brings them up quite often in his FaceBook blog.) Well, one person who never really got away from Ambigrams is John Langdon.

T He developed the logo for a community website called "Typedia" which is geared towards classifying typefaces. In his article Behind the Typedia Logo Design*, John tells the story of how the Typedia logotype came to be.

Visit John Langdon's web site, and be sure to see his department on Ambigrams. For the fully inspired, pick up a copy of John's book Word Play for some truly inspired art!

caslon ampersand Stephen Gose is a graphic designer working in San Francisco, and the wizard behind the "ampersand" blog, where he accumulates all kinds of info about the ampersand. Stephen says:

A scribal abbreviation for and. Derived from the Latin word "et." I like the ampersand. I think it is often the most attractive character of them all. This blog is an attempt to give this humble ligature the respect it deserves. If you would like to submit some ampersand-related content, please let me know.

We thought this was particularly appropriate since DTG Magazine adopted that same Caslon ampersand over 20 years ago to go along with our logo. You'll see it still graces the headers of this web site. Caslon type font was originally designed by William Caslon*, an English gunsmith and designer of typefaces. Learn more about Caslon here.

The best versions of Caslon are from ITC, International Typeface Corp., classified as an Old Style Serif. You can use this ampersand too... it's located in the Caslon 540 font. If you don't already own it, you can for under a hundred bucks, and also get Caslon 3, Caslon 540 SmallCaps and OSF Volume

We thoroughly enjoyed Stephen's ampersand.gosedesign.net blog, as well as some of his other properties like Random Articles about the Ampersand, and his website: www.gosedesign.net

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Don't forget ... we encourage you to share your discoveries about favorite or famous graphic designers and illustrators with other readers. Just contact me here, or just give me a tweet at Twitter/DTG_Magazine



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On September 30th, Anonymous said:

good design!

On October 6th, Anonymous said:

needs more lettering!!!!!!

On October 12th, Anonymous said:

Graham Meade is now Typotheticals (commercial - See Myfonts)

History time -
A Yummy Apology was a quick and rough apology to an online newsgroup person called Yummy

A charming font was originally not going to be done, but demand from a lot of people who wanted a font based on "Charmed" forced the completion of the font.

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