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Continuing Education at The Cooper Union,  certificate program in typeface designDavid Greenstein, Ph.D, director of continuing education and public programs at The Cooper Union, announced the introduction of a pioneering certificate program in typeface design, a first of its kind in the United States. The Department of Continuing Education at The Cooper Union, in conjunction with the Type Directors Club (TDC), will provide experienced designers the rare opportunity to study with top industry professionals, many of whom are affiliated with the Type Directors Club.

Continuing Education at The Cooper Union,  certificate program in typeface design

Cara Di Edwardo, professor at the School of Art and Coordinator of Type@Cooper said

Quoting  begins The graphic design world is seeing a resurgence of lettering through digital media ... For more than a century and a half, Cooper Union has been at the forefront of typography, hand lettering and calligraphy. The school has a long history of educating great innovators who have shaped typography and graphic design, such as Herb Lubalin, Milton Glaser, Stephen Doyle and Emily Oberman. In carrying on that tradition it is my pleasure to announce the Typeface Design Certificate Program beginning this fall in the Continuing Education Department at The Cooper Union. Quoting  ends

Charles Nix, Chairman of the TDC Board and Chair TDC Education Committee says:

Quoting  begins Before the Continuing Education Department of The Cooper Union and TDC partnered, there were no real options in New York for professionals seeking to take an in-depth program in typeface design. The only serious Typeface Design program alternatives were being offered abroad," "The certificate program is unique in its scope and structure and opens a new door of opportunities for professionals, where an industry void currently exists in this country. The Typeface Design Certificate Program will give graphic designers and type practitioners the tools they need to innovate and create by learning from industry luminaries such as Roger Black. Quoting  ends

Students will explore the foundation of typography in depth by creating their own typefaces in hands-on classes, while developing a broad understanding of the field through lectures, discussions, and research. Electives will be offered each term focusing on topics such as pen and brush lettering, Python programming, and non-Latin alphabets. A series of guest lectures will round out the curriculum, allowing students deeper insight into specific relevant topics. Students will leave the program equipped to design original typefaces and lettering, valuable skills for a career as a graphic designer or typeface designer.

The program is divided into three terms over one calendar year. Applicants to the program are required to have an undergraduate degree or professional experience in graphic design, typography or other related fields.

The fall term (October 4-December 7, 2010)
Submission deadline is August 31, 2010.
GO For details about the program and fees, visit www.coopertype.org

For details about other Continuing Education courses offered by The Cooper Union, including Professional Development courses for architects and engineers as well as The Green Building Design certificate program, visit www.cooper.edu/ or call 212.353.4195 for a catalog.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is a distinguished private college of art, architecture and engineering founded in 1859 by Peter Cooper, an inventor, industrialist and philanthropist. Since its founding, all admitted students have received full-tuition scholarships.

The Type Directors Club is a non profit professional organization, celebrating nearly sixty-five years in the industry. TDC is dedicated to educating its international membership and graphic arts community about typography in all of its forms.

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