Typography in space too

by Fred Showker

DTG Magazine's Fonts FestivalWe continue (from the previous page) this edition of Typography Inspiration with more typography that occupies and defines space with the extraordinary works of Leonard Clagett, Serial Cut Imagemakers, and Yulia Brodskaya. Enjoy, and don't forget to send in your foavorites!
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A Field of Garamond

Leonard Clagett: A Field of Garamond

Leonard Clagett modeled and rendered this beautiful piece with mental ray in 3ds MAX -- then tweaked it in photoshop. You can see lots more of Leonard's works at
A Field of Garamond leonardclagett.cgsociety.org


Serial Cut Imagemakers

Serial Cut Imagemakers

Another studio that will literally blow you away is Serial Cut. This Madrid based studio was established in 1999 by Sergio del Puerto, working on a wide variety of worldwide projects, but focussing mainly on Art Direction.
There are so many awesome visions here to behold, I'll just send you to the folio page and let you decide!
Serial Cut Imagemakers Serial Cut Imagemakers


Perplex City

Serial Cut: Perplex City

Another from Serial Cut is this wonderful construction of typography ... is it the same font? No? Yes? Hmmmmm. Playful use of black and white! This was part of a project for a card of a board game called Perplex City, where designers were invited to participate in the design with a concrete theme. The name of this was "Portmanteau", which means the word that results from blending two existing words into a new one.
Perplex City Perplex City


Type as City Scape

Yulia Brodskaya: Type as City Scape

Yulia Brodskaya builds this type into a city scape ... Yulia was born in Russia (Moscow) with interests in diverse creative practices ranging from Textile Painting, Origami and Collage to more traditional Fine Art practices.
Type as City Scape Type as City Scape


More to come ...

We'll continue this thread in the weeks to come, and look at more superb typography inspiration! Remember : you can aspire to this level of excellence by learning the tools and of course the essential ingredient of all virtuosity -- practice, practice, practice! Send in your favorites!

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And, thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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