Flex 4 Cookbook

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Flex 4 Cookbook

Flex 4 CookbookWith a large collection of proven recipes, "Flex 4 Cookbook" is the ideal problem-solving guide for developing interactive Rich Internet Applications on the Adobe Flash Platform. You'll find answers to hundreds of common problems you may encounter when using Adobe Flex, Flex 4 Framework, or Flash Builder, Adobe's GUI-based development tool.

Author Joshua Noble says:

Quoting  begins I see Flex 4 as a huge step forward ... providing new tools for developers to make better looking and more responsive applications. I wanted to make sure that developers had tools to help them learn the new features of the newest update of Flex and see how to leverage them in their own work. Quoting  ends

"Flex 4 Cookbook" has hands-on recipes for everything from Flex basics to solutions for working with visual components and data access, as well as tips on application development, unit testing, and Adobe AIR. Each recipe provides an explanation of how and why it works, and includes sample code that you can use immediately. You'll get results fast, whether you're a committed Flex developer or still evaluating the technology. It's a great way to jumpstart your next web application.

Topics include:

  • Using Spark Component
  • Text Layout Framework
  • Groups and Layout
  • Spark List and ItemRenderer
  • Images, bitmaps, videos, and sounds
  • CSS, styling, and skinning
  • States and Effects
  • Working with Collections
  • Using DataBinding
  • Validation, formatting, and regular expressions
  • Using Charts
  • Services and Data Access
  • Using RSLs and Modules
  • Working with Adobe AIR 2.0

Joshua Noble is a consultant, freelance developer and Rich Internet Application designer, based in New York City. He's the lead author of O'Reilly's Flex 3 Cookbook (released May 2008) and Programming Interactivity (July 2009).

Todd Anderson is a Senior Software Developer in the Multimedia Platforms Group at Schematic Boston, and co-author of Adobe AIR Instant Results: Create - Modify - Reuse (Wrox/Wiley).

Garth Braithwaite is a Senior Flex Developer at Rain where he specializes in Interaction Design in HTML/CSS/JS and on the Flash Platform.

Marco Casario has dedicated himself to innovative projects for the web using Flash and Director (as far back as versions 3 and 5). In 2005, Marco founded Comtaste, a company dedicated to exploring new frontiers in Rich Internet Applications and the convergence between the web and the world of mobile devices--MobyMobile and YouThru are representative of their recent work.

Rich Tretola currently holds the position of Applications Development Manager at Herff Jones Inc. He is an award-winning Flex developer and was the lead author of Professional Flex 2 (Wrox) and sole author of Beginning AIR (Wrox). He is also a contributing author on Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook (O'Reilly Media).

coverFlex 4 Cookbook
Joshua Noble, Todd Anderson, Garth Braithwaite, Marco Casario, Rich Tretola
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