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Pic ScoutMeeting growing demand for premium, current, and legal content. Images will be provided at no cost to its publishers. bloggers searching for real-time photos of Juan Martin Del Potro, Rob Pattinson and Michelle Obama or looking for photos of a sunset in Yosemite Park, the Eifel Tower, a wild flower, baby laughing, or an urban spa can now use PicApp to add relevant images to their posts. The content partners include, among others, Getty Images, Corbis, Newscom, Zuma Press, Image Source, Jupiter Images and Pacific Coast News.

Automattic, which leads the Open Source WordPress project and runs now enables PicApp's embed code on its platform, allowing its millions of bloggers access to real time, premium, legal and free images provided by PicApp.

PicApp WordPress has 7.5 million bloggers, 37 million posts and 1.2 billion page views per month, and is considered one of the most innovative and fastest growing blog platforms. Unlike other content syndication product that include intrusive advertising, the PicApp solution uses a subtle and user friendly approach that lets the end users engage with more related photos on its photo gallery pages.

Raanan Bar-Cohen, Vice President of Media Services, Automattic Inc says:

"Publishers have always shown a strong interest in enhancing their content with top quality images, and we are excited to help that effort by working with PicApp and making their images available on ... PicApp's wide selection of content along with the appropriate copyrights and unobtrusive advertising approach represented the key factors for"

PicApp enables publishers to easily search and insert images into posts, it has access to 20 million images covering entertainment, sports, news, travel, fashion, nature, food, and more, with 10,000 images being updated daily. PicApp images, which come fully tagged with metadata, are indexed by image-search engines thus promoting blog Search Engine Optimization.

News and photo agencies licensing images via PicApp include, among others, Getty Images, Corbis, Newscom, Fame Pictures, Admedia Photo, Entertainment Press, Zuma Press , Image Source and Pacific Coast News. Displaying ads on image photo gallery page provides a monetization tool on the content owner's behalf.

PicApp from Automattic

Automattic is the company behind WordPress, the #1 open source blogging platform, and Akismet, the first managed comment spam prevention service for bloggers.

PicApp ( offers online publishers and bloggers a single source for millions of premium quality and free images to use legally and enhance their sites. News and photo agencies licensing images to PicApp include, among others, Getty Images, Corbis, Zuma Press, and Newscom with new content partners added frequently to meet its global expansion goals. PicApp has over 20 million images with over 10,000 images updated daily; covering all types of editorial and creative image categories. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has a development and operations center in Herzelia, Israel and is financially backed by Carmel Ventures.

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On June 11th, Melia said:

Thknas for sharing. Always good to find a real expert.

On June 27th, Hatim said:

Carl, it's one thing to have an opinion vesurs making a promise -- if you post "free images for your blog" on your web site, then you should have free images. So many blogs and sites have contaminated the search engines, that if you actually SEARCH for free images, hundreds of thousands of sites pop up with nothing to do with free images at all. JUST LIKE THIS . . . examples . . .

I'm not sure about Alec Baldwin's quote, tell them both to get the hell out if that's the case. Surely you know the sort of fearmongering that Limbaugh, Beck, bachmann have resorted to? If not you best start looking around the web some, you'll find that thousands of people want them gone.

Free images for your blog? That's the reason why you won't find very many supporters is because of how limited of news sources that these people access. My point being is that at present, limbaugh has his ratings thanks to popularity in secluded where are little news stations/talk shows -- he really doesn't need free images for his blog.

I'd throw them all out if I could so that people will listen to news that is not a form of propaganda advertising theirs truly. I may be one sided on this issues however I think that most of these talk shows have strongly attributed to the low amount of trust in government along with other factors. And it's very, very difficult to find free images for your blog that reflects their positions.

You, of course, are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. It's at the point where we cross a line that we longer deserve that right. Take the tea party for example, they have white supreracists (immature brats btw) of which the only way to shut them up is to wait until they die off of old age and their legacy dies with them. A good image for the blog might be the Boston Tea Party painting. Or, another blog image might be a cup of tea.

While these supreracists exist, there are also those that cheat on their taxes or don't pay (some 47%) . they are out at conventions with Palin and Beck (whom make 100k a speech and advertising revenue respectively) .

The lesson is: stupidity pays big time and those taking advantage are making the problem worse by using free images for their blogs.



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