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by Fred Showker

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13 essential social media lessons

Social media marketing might feel simple for the B2C crowd, but with B2B, it's an entirely different beast.
      Businesses are entities that are not entirely social - and certainly don't do the immediate impulse buy like the typical consumer. Nevertheless, B2B marketing is absolutely possible on social media, but certain rules should be followed before proceeding along that route.
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Measuring Social Media

To accurately track your direct efforts, you need to add campaign tracking to any URLs posted in the social media world that point back to one of your properties.
      The above is actually part 2. In part 1, they tackled the question of how to measure social media referred visits that aren't directly attributed to your social media efforts using a Web analytics solution. (Part 1)
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Social media rules of engagement

Much like a company's Web address became a standard element in b-to-b print ads more than a decade ago, we are beginning to see the icons for some of the social media platforms -- such as Twitter and LinkedIn -- routinely appear in the online executions, typically on landing pages.
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What social media will look like in 2012

It's easy to get caught up in today's trends or even focus on the next six months.
      Some of 2009's biggest trends included an increased emphasis on real-time search and information distribution, while distribution of marketing content in widgets and other pieces of portable content that worked across devices and social spaces also saw its stake rise.
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Senator: Questions Facebook on Privacy

Facebook is finding itself in an uncomfortable spot: in the crosshairs of a powerful lawmaker for automatically sharing user data with third-party sites.
      Back in April, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., urged the Federal Trade Commission to hammer out guidelines for privacy settings on social-networking sites, days after Facebook announced its plan to gather affinity data from all across the internet with its new Open Graph platform. (Schumer)
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Eight steps for creating your social media policy

As more organizations join the social media sphere it's important that they know how to "mitigate the risks while maximizing the rewards," according to the authors of a new white paper. This is especially true in the healthcare arena, where issues such as patient privacy and HIPAA can weigh heavily on all involved.

The white paper, authored by Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer of SocialFish, and Leslie T. White, founder and president of Croydon Consulting, provides eight steps for building social media capacity.
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      Social Media, Risk, and Policies for Associations, is now available for download. Risk management expert, Leslie White co-authored this great resource. SocialFish and Croydon Consulting shared the cost of producing this whitepaper so you can download it for free.
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