Web Design Update 1106-01

by Fred Showker

Web Design Update 1106-01This edition of Web Update digs into the impact of social networking -- then we turn our sites on SEO ... including : [] 11 ways to find new content for your social strategy [] How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic [] HOW TO: Get Your Employees On Board With Your Social Media Policy [] Making That Leap From Search to Display [] Technical SEO: Tools and Approach [] Tips for mobile SEO [] Web design evolution: 2 decades of innovation [] Why Websites Are Slow & Why Speed Really Matters

11 ways to find content for your social strategy

Content is the fuel for your social media rocket ship and the foundation of any solid presence in the social sphere. Your content cannot be everything to everyone; however, you can be relevant and provide value to your target market.
      Generating compelling content that people want to consume can increase your website traffic and help you attract and retain a dedicated following. In order to produce quality content, you're going to need a good source of raw material to continually draw upon. Here are 11 proven tactics to help you never run out of content:
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Blog Commenting for Valuable Backlinks and Traffic

Before you get all bent out of shape about how blog commenting is a horrible link building strategy, take a moment and approach this strategy with an open mind.
      This is using blog commenting to build relationships and authority in your industry, and how those two things will ultimately lead to organic links and new traffic.
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HOW TO: Get Employees On Board with Social Media

As more businesses become social and move past the initial excitement of adoption, they need to tackle the nitty gritty of executing a social media strategy. It will involve cultural alignment, training, and building a solid process so that the necessary parts of the organization can participate.
      A truly social organization is active both internally and externally. This is where things get complicated.
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Making That Leap From Search to Display

Search marketers are ideally placed to lead the way as the lines between search, social, and display media fade. After all, search and display have been complementary in many ways for years.
      Making the transition from search to display should be easy, right?
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Technical SEO: Tools and Approach

While search engine optimization (SEO) as a channel is maturing and growing beyond technical competence only, there will always be a great deal of technical attention necessary in the work.
      Some of the biggest problems negatively impacting SEO campaigns can be traced back to technical issues, since by nature they tend to hit areas around crawling, accessibility, redirects, and indexation. These are core, foundational areas that every hard working organic search marketer needs to be familiar with.
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Tips for mobile SEO

Right now, people are probably accessing your website using their mobile phones. If you're thinking of considering these mobile users for your web asset as the next step, it's also time to think about SEO opportunities.
      In an interview with Lori Ulloa, our Senior Web Strategist and SEO Expert at R2integrated (the company that employs me, too), I uncovered some simple things any website owner needs to know to execute a web strategy that is both search and mobile optimized.
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Web design evolution: 2 decades of innovation

The Web has come a long way since Tim Berners-Lee created the first website way back in 1991. The following is an infographic that takes you on a tour of Web design, starting with those humble beginnings, and bringing you all the way up to the present day.
      (The link is a tall, skinny graphic!)
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Why Websites Are Slow & Why Speed Really Matters

What a difference a millisecond can make. When it comes to browsing the web, every tiny moment counts - and the fewer moments that pass between a mouse click and a fully loaded page, the better.
      Speed is a bit of an obsession for most web users. We fret over our Internet connections' and mobile connections' perceived slowness, and we go bananas for a faster web browser.
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