Web Design Update 1110-12

by Fred Showker

Web Design Update This edition of Web Update follows the last edition, covering many new considerations for all web designers...
* 7 Great JavaScript Resources
* 5 Steps to Building a Search Persona
* 8 Places To Use Your Keywords
* Bury These Deadly Search Myths
* How 5 Popular Landing Page Optimization Tips Can Also Hurt Conversion Rates
* 3 Tips for Building a Web App That Can Scale
.. and more

7 Great JavaScript Resources

As browsers and server-side platforms advance, and libraries new and old grow and mature, JavaScript evolves as well. Staying at the top of your game is important. As a JavaScript developer, you'll need to keep up with the latest news and learn new skills.
      Here's a list of seven of our favorite JavaScript resources to help save you time and energy along the way.
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5 Steps to Building a Search Persona

It's easy for online marketers to become distracted by the search engines and forget the real reason they're doing SEO in the first place: the customer. Customer demand is the driving force behind search and must be the foundation for your SEO strategy.
      Whether you're a SEO newbie or already running a few SEO campaigns, it's important to take a step back and determine what techniques really align with your customers' needs.
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8 Places To Use Your Keywords

79.3 percent of all SEO articles written have emphasized an important fact: SEO begins with keyword research.
      SEO has been beating the keyword research drum for a long time. And when we write articles or tell clients to start an SEO campaign with comprehensive keyword research, it's good advice and the right thing to do. But then what?
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Bury These Deadly Search Myths

Every culture has its own mythology, most of it originally based in fact. However, even as facts change, the mythos behind them fail to budge.
      In the geekily obsessive world of SEO, it's no surprise that some once-true SEO myths have stuck around long past their prime. Here are some nefarious SEO fables that people (hint: possibly you) still believe and waste money on.
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How 5 Popular Landing Page Optimization Tips Can Also Hurt Conversion Rates

Everyone should know by now that landing page optimization is a critical tactic in your overall online marketing strategy. Optimizing your conversion rate can effectively boost your return on investment in digital marketing, as well as reduce churn and overall spend.
      What most marketers won't tell you, however, is that landing page optimization can be a double-edged sword; immediate improvements in micro conversions high up the funnel may result in lower overall prospect quality.
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3 Tips for Building a Web App That Can Scale

Twitter generates about eight terabytes of data a day. That's a hell of a lot of data for one application. Some SaaS companies might look at that number and think that they'll never need to handle that much data, or if they did, it would take far more infrastructure and server hardware than they could afford to maintain.
      In both cases, they might be wrong.
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