Web Update for the first quarter of 2013. . .

by Fred Showker

10 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips

When we talk landing pages, most online marketers think pay-per-click, where the input of a destination URL into Google's or Bing's paid search offerings allow marketers to drive keyword-targeted traffic to (hopefully) optimized pages.
      Here's a checklist of 10 "killer" tips to ensure you're able to add a bit of CRED to your SEO campaigns, as well as demonstrate campaign success!
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17 Things You Should Stop Doing to Your Websites

We see dozens of guides and tutorials on how we should make our websites better to rank, convert, and perform. On the other hand, there’s so much wrong-doing, it can be easier for you to STOP doing some things to get better results with your online presence.
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7 Ways To Grow Your Online Community With Google+

the thought of adding another social network to social media strategy is not something you want to think about. You’d rather be thinking about a beach vacation.
      if you haven’t started using Google+ or you have an account but you haven’t done anything with it, adding Google+ to your social media strategy is a smart move. After all, we want to work smarter, not harder, right?
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4 Reasons Long Blog Posts and Content are the Future

The one thing that separates average content from content that stands out is quality.
      Content marketing trends are a funny thing. What is true today is often false tomorrow. As an example, when blogging and content marketing really started to pick up speed over these last few years, many claims were made as to the most effective size and length of blogs posts/content. I’m sure you’ve heard a few of these statements in the past:
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Is responsive design really the future of Web development?

While most hail it the future of Web development, the concept has received its fair amount of skepticism. Regardless of your stand point on the subject, responsive Web design is making tidal waves in the Web development world.
      But before you jump into the sea of fluid grids and media queries, or pay someone to do it for you, take a look at the following to help you get a decent understanding of the concept first.
CAUTION Careful, this one has a pop-up ad splash screen and other stalker links and screen spam
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