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TMaker Clip Art Sample Files

Two Disks of EPS Clip Art

Of course, you all know by now that T/Maker is no longer producing commercial clip art, but has sold off their collections to various other clip art collection vendors.
... T/Maker one of the first electronic clip-art companies on the Mac scene back in 1986, and were really one of the pioneers in electronic clip art. Until they came out with their first collection the field of available electronic clip was very limited, and mostly low quality.
... We've decided to bring back the original T/Maker sampler collection which was uploaded to the Design & Publishing Center on eWorld and the DTP forum on AOL. These were uploaded as a freeware sample to promote sales from T/Maker.

PDF Samplers are supplied:
These pdf files are the sample pages that originally shipped with the diskette versions of the collections. They are set up for 3-ring binder use in your clip art notebook.

These graphics work very well in single color reproduction. They're all Adobe Illustrator EPS files, and should import directly into your desktop publishing program.

** You will need directions to the Loading Dock, and you can pick that up in the Publishers'Warehouse

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