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From Douglas F. Olena comes a collection of great fonts you can sink your mouse into. This collection comes in both Mac and PC formats. You can also order on a font-by-font basis for just the ones you want!
In our header at the top of the page, we see the font "Mont Blanc Engraved" along with several characters from Doug's "Deco-Bats" font which is a wonderful collection of Art Deco graphics.


You may have seen the fonts Fox , and Arwen which are Freeware fonts you can download from most services! The "Fonts For Design" series represents a compilation of authentic fonts from the 1920s - 1930s. All are artfully done, with a grand selection of different designs in the series.

These fonts are some of the fonts included in the collection and you can see, there are some stunning scripts! Alais, is one of the more elegant formal scripts I've seen, and Signature is a superb selection for flashy, punchy gulps of type! For the sign producer, this one looks almost as if it's hand lettered. You can bet you'll be seeing them in the Design & Publishing Center!

But scripts aren't the only star in this collection. There are a number of sans serifs, as well as some killer "tooled" faces.

The whole collection includes 62 Postscript or TrueType display fonts for just $55.00, and for that kind of money, you can't go wrong. Doug also creates custom fonts, and signature fonts so you will want to keep his number handy.

Contact Keystrokes Fonts and request the brochure Doug has available on his creations. I think you'll be pleased with what you see.

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